Searching for great birthday gifts for toddlers? Personalized books from KD Novelties can make children feel special, while also helping to engage them in fun, interesting stories. For my daughter, I reviewed the book Circus Star. I wanted to give her a keepsake as a gift, something that she could cherish when she gets older. Because of my background as a teacher, I liked the idea of giving a book as a keepsake to help encourage a love of literacy. I was very happy with the book and satisfied with my order.

KD Novelties Personalized Book Review

Ordering a personalized book from the company was simple. All I had to do was input my daughter’s full name, the city and state where she is from, and a few names of her favorite friends or family members. I was able to choose from a variety of books. Some included Disney stories. You can also order personalized photo books that could put your children in the story’s illustrations. I chose the Circus Star book because it was a festive birthday book.


In the book, the story follows a child, named Georgiana in my story, who is invited to join the circus, but who ultimately turns the offer down because she would miss her family too much. Going to the circus is quite the adventure for the character. Several events add to the tension of the story, creating a strong storyline. The illustrations are also excellent. I found that the pictures went with the text very well. Each picture told a fascinating story, which was ideal for my child, who is turning two. Early learners rely heavily on illustrations to learn about reading. As a parent, I spent a lot of time describing the pictures and creating a story just with the images. I also asked my daughter questions about the pictures to help her think more deeply about the story. Overall, the book was a high quality piece of children’s literature.

Engaging my daughter in the story was simple. When she heard her name and the names of her favorite people, her interest was immediately piqued. She loved the pictures of all of the animals. Her favorite animal is a toy elephant, so she played with the toy as a prop during the story. We acted out some of the story with toy animals to make reading more of a hands on activity.

Another thing I did when I received the book was create a video review. Check it out on my Youtube channel.

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