Little Sparkle is a personalized children's books for girls made by Paper Hat Press. I enjoyed personalizing lead character Sparkle to share the interests and the looks of my daughter Sammy.

I recently received Paper Hat Press Little Sparkle personalized book for girls. Paper Hat Press is a fun company that creates books with characters you can personalize to fit the look as well as the interests of a child you know. I chose to personalize the book Little Sparkle. I thought the lead character Sparkle would excite my daughter, who loves using her imagination to pretend to fly and be a princess. Because my daughter is a dreamer, the book fits well with her personality.

Personalized Children's Book Personalized Children's Book

Personalized Children’s Book Review

When I was a child, I loved finding something I had in common with the lead character of books I read. Now, while I personalized the book, I greatly enjoyed personalizing the skin tone, hairstyle, and eye color of lead character Sparkle to match my daughter Sammy. I knew how much my daughter appreciated the personalization of the book when she read it. Clearly, the illustrations were captivating and vibrant. I loved how the expressions on Sparkle’s face shone with excitement. My daughter was engaged in the story and wanted to read it several times.

I really liked personalizing the book Little Sparkle to fit with my daughter Sammy’s interests. When I filled out the personalization features on the website, I was able to write things that interested my daughter, such as bananas, which ended up being included in the story. As a K-6 grade certified educator, I thought that the language and vocabulary used in the book was appropriate for Sammy’s comprehension level at age 3.

I loved how Paper Hat Press delivered the book Little Sparkle wrapped in brown paper with instructions on how to turn the paper into a hat as an extra treat for my daughter. Obviously, I wholeheartedly recommend the children’s book Little Sparkle. In the future, the book will be a wonderful keepsake that my daughter will treasure even when she is an adult.

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