Which is better: fiction or reality? With Safari Ltd. toy figures, your kids won’t have to choose. Magical creatures can play next to realistic creatures. Nature and imagination come alive when kids play with these toys. Over a year ago, I tried an elephant figure from the Incredible Creatures line. My daughters loved the elephant so much and today, they still play with it. Recently, the night before my older daughter’s fifth birthday, the company sent my older daughter Samantha a huge surprise, five creatures that she instantly adored.

Safari Ltd. Toy Figures Review

All five creatures were sculpted to look realistic. For instance, the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake looked poised and ready to attack. Because the snake was sculpted with incredibly realistic expression, it was very eye catching. The snake’s fangs looked vicious. Even the texture of the snake felt the way a real snake would feel.

Two other realistic snakes came with the toys. The rough green snake was one of my favorites. Holding the snake, I noticed that the design of the product felt like it almost had a lifelike movement to it. Coiled in my hand, the snake felt ready to slither up my arm. My younger daughter liked that the snake made a nice, rather cool looking necklace when she wore it around her shoulders.

Safari Ltd. Toy Figures Review

Another snake was the Sidewinder Rattlesnake. The snake also had lifelike features and was sculpted realistically.

Playing with all three snakes, my daughter had a blast. With large, realistic snakes, she was able to better understand the features of real snakes. I used the opportunity of playing with toy snakes to explain what she should do if she ever saw a snake in the wild. Because summer is quickly approaching, this is a great time to reinforce that children should run away and find a parent if they see a snake.

Safari Ltd. Toy Figures Review

Last year, my daughter had an amazing experience finding a turtle in the yard. She made a connection to that experience when she played with the Tortoise toy. Immediately, she brought up that turtles must be colored the way they are, with browns and greens, to blend in with their environment. As a certified teacher, I found interesting that Samantha used her understanding of turtles in their natural habitat to explain why blending in with the environment might be important to an animal.

Samantha also appreciated the opportunity to play with a mythical creature, the Pink Unicorn. One of the main lessons she has been learning in preschool is the difference between fiction and reality. In school, she learned that cartoon characters and Dr. Seuss characters are not real, so she frequently makes connections that the literature we read at home isn’t real. As a mom, I still like to encourage imaginative play, without limiting my daughter’s ideas. Playing with the unicorn provided a good opportunity to discuss whether unicorns could be real, while leaving her to make her own decisions about the topic.

One of the best things about the company’s items would be how high quality they are. Each item is made to last. When I’m teaching my daughters about nature and myths, I know that having a prop can help kids learn. The company provides quality items that help teach. In the future, I plan to continue using their items to meet my daughter’s educational needs at home.


I received a free item to inform my writing.

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