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On a relaxed Saturday afternoon, I took a short, leisurely drive out of my neighborhood with my family to experience the beauty of the countryside. Outside, the sun was shining on the cow farms and brightening the corn fields. When we arrived to our destination, we spotted a nice looking, natural foods market. Walking through the store, I spotted some of the tastiest, most wholesome foods. While there, I picked out the ingredients for a delicious cheese course made with Rumiano Family Organic Cheese.

Rumiano Organic Cheese Review - Theresa's Reviews -

Rumiano Organic Cheese Review

Rumiano Organic Cheese Review - Theresa's Reviews -

Not every night calls for a cheese course to be added to a meal, but the fall brings so many changes worth celebrating. I decided to get two packages of Pepper Jack and one block of Sharp Cheddar. Since the natural food market had such high quality food, it was also simple to locate my favorite brand of multi-grain crackers and gourmet Italian salami. Visiting the market was a real treat. My kids were delighted to see their favorite snacks, choose new products, and experience the small town, rustic charm of the area.


I had never eaten Rumiano organic cheese before. The company is well worth trying. Not only is the cheese made with organic ingredients, but it’s also grass fed. Plus, testing has shown that the cheese has 0ver 30% more Omega-3 fatty acids and over 25% more CLA’s than conventional cheese. Both of these fatty acids help maintain healthy hearts and have numerous other health benefits. With the health goals I have this year, the cheese is a great pick.

Another neat thing about the company is its history. Rumiano cheese was started by the Rumiano family, an Italian immigrant family who moved to the United States in the 1900s. My maternal grandparents were Italian immigrants too, so I appreciate the background the food has. Today, the company is still owned by fourth generation Rumianos, John and Baird as well as their children. The company has a long history of focusing on high quality cheese that has continued today.

Currently, the Rumiano Family Organic line was the first cheese in the American market to receive Non-GMO Project Verification. The company supports local farmers near Crescent City, California and Oregon. Since the cheese comes from high quality, healthy cows, the food has no artificial growth hormones. Out of all the reasons to choose Rumiano cheese, the taste is one of the best reasons. I will look forward to visiting my new favorite natural food market to pick up more Rumiano cheese in the future.

On Tuesday, September 8th, 2015, Rumiano is launching their 4th annual Big Cheese sweepstakes. You could win a year’s supply of Rumiano Family Organic Cheese. I’m planning to enter, and you should too. To contact the company, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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