This is a sponsored post. I received payment to share my experience with this product, but that didn't affect my point of view.

How can you make chalk look enticing when kids are used to bright, vivid colors they can find on the screens of their technology? Now, kids are intrigued with whiteboards and Smartboards, while traditional chalk has become outdated. One solution is Chalkola Liquid Chalk Ink Markers. As a mom and a teacher, I tried the liquid chalk out, and I was very pleased with the result. In using the markers for about two weeks, I learned how well they work.

Chalkola Liquid Chalk Ink Markers Review

To start trying out the liquid chalk, my daughter Samantha tested it on a play chalkboard. The chalk went on smoothly, and it created a lovely picture. To get the chalk to work, all we had to do was shake the chalk several times, then press it down repeatedly to activate the ink. After getting the ink flowing the first time, it wasn’t difficult to get the ink out anymore. Liquid chalk was a fun tool for creating drawings.


Using the chalk was very enjoyable. Regular chalk doesn’t show up nearly as well, so it doesn’t create such an interesting effect. With Chalkola liquid chalk, the ink flowed with a nice density. Colors were vibrant and eye catching. The markers were also easier for a child to grasp because regular chalk is so thin.20150817_182222

I also tried the liquid chalk out on a large chalkboard. On the chalkboard, I used multiple colors to create a vibrant look. Yellow showed up really well against the green board. Purple, green, blue and pink were also easy to read. I had an easy time using the markers. After learning how to activate the ink, it was easy to take the necessary steps to get the markers working.

My only concern was whether the markers would come off chalkboards. Several reviews online said that the markers came off whiteboards, windows, and desks really well, but that erasing the ink off chalkboards was difficult. This was not the case at all. Even after waiting a couple weeks for the ink to settle, the ink wiped off wonderfully. The only place I couldn’t get ink off was where there was a nonporous substance stuck to the board, such as tape residue. Even then, the majority of the ink came off the areas that had some tape stuck there. I was really pleased with the markers, and I look forward to using them in new, creative ways in the future. To learn more, you can check the company out on Facebook. To get 10% off, use coupon code THERESAR on Amazon.


This is a sponsored post. I received payment as well as a free item to help me share my experience with this product, but that didn’t affect my point of view.

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