Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, children’s clothing company Modéerska Huset caught my attention with its original designs and delightful colors. As a mom with a background of traveling as well as volunteering in the fashion industry, I delighted in researching the origins of the brand. Gothenburg, Sweeden, which was voted by Forbes as one of the world’s most inventive cities, is where owner Jenny Modéer founded her brand in 2011. I received an outfit for both of my daughters. Samantha, my older daughter, received a neat set of vibrantly colored, loose pants with a fitted T-shirt. My younger daughter, Georgiana, received a gray and orange dress with matching pants.

Modéerska Huset: More Than Organic Baby Clothes

While the clothing had a beautiful style, I noticed that the colors fit great with the season. Orange, green and magenta colors matched the colors of the changing leaves outside our home. Samantha’s pants fit loose around her legs, so the fabric moved nicely with the breeze. A neat design feature was that the pants closed with a drawstring to keep them tight on Samantha’s tummy. I watched my daughter run all around our backyard without the pants falling down from her waist. Another neat feature was that the pants were fitted with loose elastic at the ankles to prevent her from tripping on her clothes as she ran.

Swedish Clothing Brand

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I noticed that the design of Samantha’s shirt went well with the pants. Because the pants were baggy, the fitted T-shirt created a neat style that was age appropriate and fun. Wearing the pants with a fitted shirt helped create a visible waistline, which a baggy shirt wouldn’t have done. The design of both clothing items complimented each other to create an outfit that had a gorgeous design, fun colors, and pretty patterns.

Swedish Clothing Brand

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My younger daughter Georgiana tried out a fun, beautiful dress with long sleeves and a skirt that went down to her ankles. At the bottom of the dress was a delightful, orange accent. As a practical mom, I noticed that the dress had plenty of room for Georgiana to grow without being too big for her to wear now. Swedish clothing brand Modéerska Huset creates organic baby clothes, but unlike many other organic baby clothing lines, the company designs clothes that have a unique, fun appeal, instead of just a soft, organic fabric to help sell the clothing. In the future, I will look forward to having Georgiana wear her dress as her Halloween celebration outfit.

Visit the company’s website for more information. Contact the company via Facebook and Instagram.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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