Practicing school work plays an important role in my daughter’s life. As my daughter gets ready for kindergarten, I’m homeschooling her while I’m working full time. I am a certified K-6 teacher, so I feel confident that I can prepare my daughter for the rigor of school with high quality educational material. When I received Lakeshore company’s Are You Ready For Kindergarten Game Show®, I excitedly introduced the game to my daughter on Easter morning. While playing the game, I was impressed with how the experience revealed some content that I had not previously understood how to teach my daughter! 

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Review of the Kindergarten Game

Playing the kindergarten game with my 4 year old daughter, I was excited about the content on the cards. For instance, some questions were very open ended, such as, “Discuss the lengths of these two objects.” Some questions did a great job of encouraging open discussion with my daughter, instead of just looking for a simple one word answer. The content was also impressive because the questions were about some standards that I hadn’t yet thought to teach my daughter. I liked how the cards introduced questions about measurement with having my daughter measure the amount of snakes long an item was.

While examining the game, I felt that the preschool material was simple for my daughter and I liked that the material helped her review the basics. The content helped my daughter improve her understanding of basic skills, which would greatly help her when she goes to learn more advanced skills and strategies. My daughter only turned 4 last month, so I was really impressed that she was only missing a couple cards per game. I kept track of which cards my daughter missed so I could analyze the skills we needed to focus on later. The cards served as a critical reminder to me of content that I needed to cover before kindergarten. With Common Core being introduced in so many schools, I felt so strongly that the academic material covered in the game was age appropriate and necessary for preschoolers to learn.

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As a teacher, I knew how assessment was a critical part of teaching. I used the online assessment tool to inform me what my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses were and to help me determine what areas to focus on in her learning. The company made assessment really simple for parents who don’t have a teaching background to easily pinpoint weak areas. When I logged onto the company’s website and entered the card numbers that my daughter missed, I received free worksheets to help my daughter with her weak areas. Because the company suggested additional products to help me target weak areas, I learned about some neat, hands-on products to help my daughter develop skills to help her prepare for kindergarten. While scrolling down the website, I discovered that in addition to rhyming, my daughter needed to learn her beginning sounds and positional words, and I was happy to use the company’s worksheets to focus on those skills.

After playing some of the preschool cards, I played the kindergarten level cards with my daughter to see how she would do with more advanced material. As the cards offered more of a challenge, my daughter struggled more with the cards. I found myself providing my daughter with more help, which provided us with more of a learning experience. My daughter did great with the math cards and she loved showing off, eagerly counting to 100 and counting by 10’s. Because I’m a language arts teacher, I liked that some cards encouraged my daughter to grab a crayon or pencil and write her letters and numbers. I look forward to playing the quiz game often in the next year.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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