I made a resolution to stay fit and healthy this year. Trying the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel inspired me to stick with my resolution! I asked to try the company’s best, most unique product so I could learn about an item that other companies wouldn’t have. I received a patent protected yoga mat-towel that I could wash in the washing machine. Because cleanliness meant a lot to me, having a mat that I could clean easily was important to me. Now, while sampling the mat, I examined the quality of the product in comparison to other traditional styles of yoga mats that I used in the past.


Review of the Yoga Mat

I used the mat to practice yoga with my preschooler. After putting on a children’s yoga video, my daughter and I did half an hour of yoga practice each day for a couple weeks. I had been meaning to invest in some children’s yoga gear so I could practice yoga with my preschooler. The mat-towel was very long, so I easily shared it with my daughter. I loved seeing my daughter enjoy doing her exercise. I stretched on the back of the mat so she had room to stretch on the front. I thought that the softness of the mat appealed to my daughter.

Using the yoga mat-towel encouraged me to practice yoga, which energized and strengthened me. After practicing yoga several times with the mat, I felt amazing. My body felt more relaxed. I felt happier. I could tell that the mat offered a good amount of support, and I liked that the fabric didn’t become slippery. In the past, because I had some tactile issues, I usually became annoyed with the sticky feeling of traditional yoga mats. I loved the feeling of the fabric used to cover the mat, and I felt that I would stick with my practice of yoga more because I liked the product.

I looked forward to using the mat because it was supposed to be easy to clean. I have always overanalyzed the cleanliness of my yoga mats. Rubber mats felt dirty to me even when I did wipe the mat off after using it. The mat came with pamphlets explaining that the product was machine washable. I tossed my mat in the washing machine after a week of use to test out the washing process.

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I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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