Preserving memories just got a lot simpler. With the Picture Keeper and the Video Keeper, you can automatically scan your computer for files and save them without having to manually drag and drop each file. Every time you upload new files to your computer, the media drives can automatically scan for new files and only upload those files. I tried the drives out with files that came from cell phones, point and shoot cameras and the Panasonic GH4, which I use for blogging and recording family events. While trying the items, I realized that they would be awesome gifts for dads and grandfathers who enjoy taking pictures and recording important moments but aren’t incredibly tech savvy.

Picture Keeper Review

To try out the devices, I sampled the PK32 and the Video Keeper 16. Both items worked well, and they had very different purposes. With the PK32, I could instantly upload all of my photographs, including images from Facebook and from my cell phone. Backing up items directly from Facebook was key. In the past, I’ve backed up a lot of the photographs I’ve taken with my camera to external hard drives, but I don’t usually back up photos that I upload to Facebook from my cell phone. Watching the photographs as they uploaded was a great experience because I saw a lot of images I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Using the PK32 device was a successful endeavor. I uploaded all of the photographs I wanted to and I still had about 19% of space left. Although the device was almost full, I was satisfied that I backed up images from years ago. Almost filling up the space made me realize that buying a device with the most space was an investment. It would be simple to purchase a second device if this one fills up, but for convenience, I would rather fill up one larger device than own multiple smaller devices.

With the Video Keeper 16, I backed up videos that I didn’t even realize I had stored on my computer. When I opened the device, I could instantly access old videos of the beach and of Christmas in 2012. Backing up the videos was simple. The device automatically scanned the computer and began saving the files. I was really excited to watch the videos that I didn’t even realize I had. In the future, it will be very convenient to have all of the videos in one place to watch them. Not having to manually save the files meant that I discovered more files than I would have known were there.

One of the problems was that I wasn’t able to fit all of my videos on the device, which was what I thought might happen. Because I was trying to save some 4K video files from the Panasonic GH4, the device ran out of space without saving about eight of the video files on my computer. 4K footage is just too large to put on a device like this. In the future, I would export my video files smaller to be able to save the most files possible on the device. The product would really be ideal for people who take a lot of video footage on small flip video devices because the files are usually pretty small.

If you’re using the item, be prepared to take about an hour to use it. The device scanned the computer to discover how many files were there. Counting the files wasn’t part of the uploading process. When the device was uploading the files, it started blinking red. At first, I thought the blinking red light meant that something was wrong, so note that it actually means the product is working right.

I am so happy to have an extra way to back up my photos and video files. Eventually, I will need to delete files from my computer to save space, and I always like to be prepared in case my computer crashes. With the Photo Keeper and Video Keeper products, I have all of my files saved. Even though many of the files are already saved on other external hard drives, I feel safer having an extra back up just in case the other external hard drives get damaged. The PK32 will really come in handy when I take more photos since it will automatically scan and upload the files. Both products saved time and were incredibly useful so I would definitely recommend them.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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