According to French Vogue, fur is a fashion trend for fall and winter of 2014-2015. Using luxurious coats as an inspiration, I discovered a trendy, artistic brand for fur home decor products, Gambrell Renard Home Decor. Designer Gambrell Renard graduated from my alma mater, Vanderbilt University, with a degree in History. Using a background in working for an outerwear line in Nashville, Renard started his own brand with a focus on home items in downtown Chicago. To experience the line of products, I tried out one 15″X20″ white Mongolian lamb pillow in my home.

Gambrell Renard Home Decor Pillow Review

One of the best features of the product was its comfort. Sampling the pillow, I immediately sank into a deeply relaxed state of mind. With puffy, white fur, plush fabric and a soft interior, the pillow felt as good as it looked. On the side with the puffy fur, the material felt softer than I could have imagined. Because the product was made with real Mongolian lamb fur, I had imagined it would have a thicker, coarser quality, making it uncomfortable. Instead, the fur was supple and velvety.

Gambrell Renard Home Decor

Both sides of the pillow had a fashionable look that worked well in the home. On one side, a luxurious material covered the pillow. With dark beige coloring, the material went well with the color scheme in my home. The beige, fabric side had a more subtle look than the side that only had the fur. When the white fur showed over the back of the satiny fabric, the pillow had a style that could work well in a variety of settings, although the side with just white fur had a style that would fit more specifically with certain styles of home decor.

Watching the Super Bowl, I propped my back up on the pillow, which offered excellent support. My back felt much better. The product was also helpful for keeping my back comfortable as I watched my regular television shows. When my kids watched cartoons, I allowed them to rest their heads on the pillow too. Even though the item made an awesome decorative piece, it was also incredibly useful.

Gambrell Renard Home Decor

I was happy with the quality of the pillow. The fur never shed on my sofa or on my clothes. With regular use, the item still looked clean and in good condition. Stitching was done very well. Even though Gambrell Renard Home Decor is not a household name everywhere quite yet, the item’s manufacturing had a quality that surpassed the other sofa pillows in my home.

Using the pillow, I found that it worked well with the decor of my home and I loved how comfortable it was. The company offers many other styles of pillows, rugs and throws to meet all your home decor needs. I can highly recommend the pillow I tried. To learn more, check out the product at the company’s website. Visit the company on Facebook and Twitter.


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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  1. Susan G

    I do always worry about the shedding, glad you mentioned this pillow didn’t shed. Though I tend to avoid furry things as my cats are drawn to them. I’m a pillow addict though, I might have to look into these because I haven’t heard of Gambrell Renard.

  2. Megan

    I love the look of this pillow. It’s so fun and unique. The only issue I would have is that it looks like it might shed, but you definitely cleared that up in the review. Thanks!


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