With the KidFit pillow, my kids are incredibly happy and well rested. Recently, my daughters changed their sleep schedule. Weeks ago, when my younger daughter started jumping out of her crib, both of the girls’ sleep was interrupted. Instead of fighting to keep the toddler in the crib, I offered her an alternative, which was sleeping with her older sister in the princess toddler bed. Because my older daughter, Samantha, has had to compromise her space, I rewarded her with a brand new, memory foam pillow. The best part was that the pillow was just the right size for my older daughter to use independently, while it also had enough room for both girls to share as needed for the time being.

KidFit Pillow Review

Trying out the pillow for a week, my daughters both slept great. Getting accustomed to sharing a small space at night time must have led to some discomfort, due to the small size of their toddler bed, but I never heard a complaint. The pillow worked wonders. I’ve tried out several styles of pillows before, including some of the top brands. In my experiences, I’ve learned that lesser known pillow brands, such as KidFit, can exceed my expectations and surpass the way I feel about the most popular memory foam brands.

Feeling the exterior of the pillow, I found that it had a nice balance of softness and support. Giving my children the best sleep products has always been a concern for me. Neck pain and other sleep related discomforts can be just as much of a problem for kids as it can be for adults. With the pillow, both of my girls woke up well rested and ready to give their all to their day. Being well rested was really beneficial for both of them.

While the pillow was specially made for children ages 5-7, its size seemed big enough to last a little longer if needed. My main concern had been that Samantha would outgrow it quickly, but I can’t see that happening any time soon. If guests came to visit and needed to borrow the pillow, I would feel completely confident in having an adult use the pillow too. Its size was really ideal. I can see my daughter using it for years, then passing it on to her younger sister to use.

My girls trying out their new @kidfitpillow – obviously a hit. The review will be up at www.theresasreviews.com.

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Check out my Instagram to see how much my girls enjoy the pillow. They can’t get enough of it.

To learn more, visit the company’s website. Contact the company via Facebook, where there is currently a deal to use promo code FAMILY2015 for 35% off a pillow.


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