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 Protecting my iPad is important to me. I’ll always remember a couple years ago when I dropped my cell phone on concrete, shattering the glass screen. Although electronic devices are engineered with glass that can endure the occasional fall, pushing the endurance of an electronic device can ruin it. Because taking care of my iPad matters to me, I tried out the intelliGLASS hardened glass screen protector. Applying the item was simple. After the product was applied, it made my tablet feel much more durable.

intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector Review & Giveaway

In the product’s case, I found everything I needed to apply the screen protector. The cleaning tools were organized well and easy to locate. Using the alcohol prep pad, I removed dust and grime from the tablet’s screen. In the cleaning process, the main goal was to make the tablet look as good as possible because anything on the tablet’s glass would stay under the screen protector. After wiping the tablet down with alcohol, I dusted away any remaining particles with a small, microfiber cloth. Using the microfiber cloth helped the tablet’s glass become nice and shiny. Another cleaning product was a dust removal sticker, which helped get rid of any remaining pieces of dust.

Getting the intellGlass product onto the tablet was simple. I kept the tablet on the floor so it wouldn’t move around while I placed the screen protector on it. Matching the screen protector to the edges of the tablet as well as to the home button, I removed the whole item from its film. Placing the item onto the tablet, I carefully avoided making bubbles as well as smears. Had I only removed part of the screen protector from its film at a time, I would have been more successful, but that’s why watching the company’s online video on how to apply the product is key.

intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector

Making the screen protector look good mattered because I wanted my tablet’s screen to look natural. Getting rid of a couple tiny bubbles, I successfully pushed the air towards the side of the screen. Most of the remaining air escaped. I also used the bubble removal card to get a particularly stubborn bubble out from the middle of the product. The end result was nice and even.

One of the coolest features of the product was that it left no sticky residue. When I tested the product, I double checked that there wasn’t residue. Lifting up the screen protector, nothing was left on my electronic device. The only part that did leave a residue was a home button sticker, which must have been included to help position the screen protector. I didn’t see information about the home button sticker in the instructions or the online video, so I left it on, thinking it was supposed to stay on the product to make reaching the home button easier, while using the new screen protector. I would recommend not using the home buttons for longer than the 10 minutes it takes to apply the product.

Another cool feature is that the product is really made from hardened glass. I could tell the difference in quality because of the items’ materials. Other screen protectors I’ve used in the past were flimsy. With the intelliGlass, the tablet felt more protected because the screen protector felt more heavy duty. My only regret was that the product didn’t come in my style of LG Android phone because I would love to have more protection for all of my electronic devices in the future. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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  1. Kate

    Love that protector is good quality and that there was no sticky residue! Thanks for the review Theresa!

  2. Terri

    I need something more to protect my ipad because I am not the most gentle person with mine 😉 this sounds great though and thanks for sharing

  3. TallulahJane

    I use my Kindle all the time and really need something to protect it. It would crush me if the screen shattered or cracked.

  4. Stacy D.

    I am terrible about dropping my phone and I just got the iPhone 6! If i crack the screen I will cry.

  5. Selinda

    My ten year old got his new tablet delivered today! Totally need this for that!

  6. sandra

    I need this because having a cracked screen sucks and it’s not easy to repair (I’ve tried).

  7. Kimberly Hilbert

    My husband just got a kindle and he is worried he will scratch it. If this only fits an iPad, then I’ll use it at work. I work with kids and I’m afraid mine will get scratched if it’s not protected properly.


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