Launched in 2009, KidCuteTure is a haute-couture inspired children’s clothing line. Because my daughter was recently profiled on the cover of Nashville Parent Magazine, I was especially interested in the media attention that the company has recieved. Press coverage includes being profiled by James Girone’s Guide to the Children’s MarketplaceKikamora Magazine (Spain), Georgia Family, San Diego Family, Cincinnati Family, and Parenting Magazine. As a mother-daughter team, owners Olga and Natasha Pantelyat created the clothing brand. Inspired by the birth of a first child/grandchild, Olga and Natasha Pantelyat successfully developed a line of children’s clothing, which celebrates children who have engaging personalities and distinctive character. 

Unique Kids’ Clothing Review

Styled in KidCuteTure, my daughter Samantha wore the Zoe Tunic/Dress in Party Pink. Posing for a quick photo before a trip to the pediatrician, Samantha loved twirling, jumping, and running in the outfit. I could attest to how practical the outfit is as my child played actively in the tunic/dress. As a mom, I love that the outfit worked well for outdoor play in the rural area near our home as well as for a trip to the fashionably dressed town of Nashville, Tennessee. The outfit was very comfortable and stretchy.

Unique Kids' Clothing

The unique kids’ clothing looked and felt great.

Appreciative of the stylish design, Samantha finally left the house for the pediatrician’s office, pairing the tunic/dress with pink sparkly Toms Shoes and a Gymboree Safari Flower Bow Straw Fedora. Compliments on the outfit greeted Samantha from the moment she stepped into the doctor’s office.

I wholeheartedly recommend the designs manufactured by the company. As a style-savvy mom, I enjoy the signature style of the company’s designs that fits with the latest children’s fashion trends. I could tell that parents with a unique sense of style would like the clothes. My child loved the soft fabric and the comfortable design. Parents appreciate the practical style.

As I have a background of working in the fashion industry, I could picture being able to dress the outfit up with accessories, as well as to dress the outfit down with casual tennis shoes. With conservative designs, the clothing worked well for church, school, and play dates. My daughter wore the clothes regularly for several weeks before I wrote a review. I could tell that the clothes would get some amazing use this year. In the future, I will look forward to passing on the outfit to my younger daughter in a couple years.

Unique Kids' Clothing

I received a free outfit in exchange for writing this review.

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