I wanted to highlight a few kids’ clothing brands that I’ve reviewed over the past year to explain what I think is awesome about their products. Because of my background in the fashion industry, I have a big interest in children’s fashion. As a mom, I’ve found that mini hipster styles are adorable on my children. My personal style for my kids is a mixture of a practical fit, hip designs and pretty fabrics. Previously, I’ve written reviews of the following products, found in stores across the world.


Girl in the latest kids' style

Based in the UK, Waddler kids’ clothing company makes items that are made from 100% organic Peruvian cotton. While the patterns are very free spirited, the peter pan collar has a more formal look that makes the shirt adaptable for different occasions. My younger daughter tried a jumpsuit with the same pattern. I liked that the company offered different styles with the same pattern so my girls could dress alike.

Snapper Rock Kids

As a company specializing in UV-protection kids’ swimwear, Snapper Rock has great patterns with appealing colors. I liked that I could find the same fabric in different styles so my girls could match. After wearing the swimsuits all summer so far, my girls have had a great experience with the brand. The only problem with wearing the white swimsuits around the yard is keeping the mud off, but I’ve had an easy time cleaning the swimsuits with a spot cleaning treatment prior to washing.

Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma clothing and toy company specializes in comfortable clothes for little ones. My 15 month old baby has worn the onesie she received every week. The design is practical for active play and feels soft for naptime. With short sleeves, the onesie has a modest design that looks nice and keeps my little girl cool on hot summer days.

Soft Clothing

Soft Clothing has comfortable designs that fit kids well. Tagless designs help prevent irritation. My daughter loved the pink, girly style of the spring/summer line. The clothes are practical for everyday use and look nice enough for church.

Out of Print Clothing

Girl in the latest kids' style

My husband admits that the Pride and Prejudice T-shirt from Out of Print Clothing is his favorite for our daughter Georgiana, who was named after the book. While the soft pink color is appealing, the fabric is very soft. I plan to keep the T-shirt around forever as a keepsake for my little girl. When Georgiana outgrows the shirt, it will be a great part of a quilt.

Magnificent Baby

Magnificent Baby has a unique design with magnet closures. My older daughter Samantha has a blast being able to easily snap her raincoat shut. Strangers are always slightly mystified when they watch my daughter close her raincoat so quickly, which makes me laugh. My younger daughter Georgiana has a comfortable, practical purple outfit with ruffles on the bottom and a snap closure near the neck. The company’s designs help instill confidence in children as they learn to dress themselves.

Kickee Pants

Soft designs from Kickee Pants are excellent for summer and fall. As the fabric is lightweight, it helps children stay cool in any weather. My daughter loved the pink color. The hip T-shirt is a regular favorite that I constantly see my daughter wearing around the house as well as around town.

Little Parisians Online Clothing Shop

Little Parisians Online Clothing Shop offers several of my favorite brands for trendy kids’ clothes. Last year, I tried out a JeanBourget dress that was gorgeous. As the year went on, I noticed the online shop update the website with new styles to fit with the season. I highly recommend checking out the fashionable French clothes that the shop offers.

Wheat USA

With a store based in Annapolis, Maryland, Wheat USA kids’ clothing brand carries comfortable styles that look adorably preppy. Beautiful dresses, vests and comfortable shorts would look excellent for family photos as well as summer vacations.


As LamanBlu kids’ clothing company has an excellent coastal style, the clothes have a relaxed look and fit. My daughters’ Pucci Inspired Sundresses have been their favorite all summer. The dresses look great layered under a shirt or worn without layers.

Mary Helen Clothing

An independent designer based in Cincinatti, Ohio, Mary Helen creates excellent designs. Most recently, the company created an adorable mother-daughter line so moms can match their daughters. For moms of boys, the company also carries bow ties and plaid shorts. My older daughter enjoyed her dress, which I can’t wait to pass on as a hand me down to my younger daughter.

Nohi Kids

Nohi Kids has beautiful, Thailand-inspired designs in its latest spring/summer 2014 collection. My younger daughter wore her jacket all winter. I liked that the jacket had enough room for it to fit next year too. The matching pants were a little big for my tall, thin girl, but will fit her wonderfully as she grows. The company carries some beautiful dresses for summer and for back to school shopping.

Seam Collection

One of my family’s favorite outfits this past year was from Seam Collection. While the clothes had a comfortable fit perfect for playing, my daughters looked nice for special events too. More recent spring and summer styles have lighter colors, which are beautiful.


For a more eclectic style, KidCuteTure has designs that would appeal to moms who like to give their kids a unique wardrobe.

Quirkie Kids

Another unique style comes from Quirkie Kids, who specializes in pink T-shirts for boys and girls. Each shirt has a silly design.


Specializing in organic baby clothes, Frugi has comfortable clothes that were a favorite for my daughter through her entire first year of her birth. The pants had a relaxed fit, so even though the pants fit well when my daughter was five months old, they still fit well now when my daughter is 15 months old.


Zupers focuses on creating UV-protective clothing that are comfortable for an active lifestyle. While my younger daughter tried a dress, my older daughter sampled some leggings with heart-shaped knee pads. Both girls were very happy with the items.

Planet Buddeez

Planet Buddeez is a company that sells shirts and hoodies, which come with a matching stuffed pet. Even though my daughter received her Diggity Dog shirt last year, she still wears it regularly.


RuffleButts was profiled on the Shark Tank television show the week that I wrote a review on the onesie that I received. The outfit was very adorable, although it did fit a little bit smaller than expected. You might consider buying one size up to get the best fit.


I received free items to help inform my writing.

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    I think I saw the Waddler dress in a photo on your FB page and fell in love with it! Free-spirited AND 100% organic cotton… win! I really enjoy finding out about all these clothing brands. Thanks for the info and the post!


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