Exercise is one of my favorite hobbies. Even though running is typically my exercise of choice, I like to mix things up with yoga. I started doing yoga my freshman year of college and I continued through two pregnancies. Today, I still practice with my kids! My older daughter loves when I pull up videos online for us to practice together. Some kids’ videos are super creative and have storylines to engage kids. During the past year, I tried a few products that have made a difference in my practice.

CozyOrange Yoga Apparel

Girl wearing yoga apparel

Cozy Orange is a company that specializes in yoga apparel. This past year, I tried out a tank top and a hoodie. Both of the items were made from the same soft, comfortable fabric. Because the items matched, I could wear them together. The light grey color was very appealing and matched a lot of my clothes. During the winter, I liked to layer the items. In summer, the tank top alone looked nice and worked great for practicing outside. I enjoyed wearing the items to lounge around my house, which often encouraged me to spontaneously exercise.

Bendi Baby Yoga Mats

Child doing yoga

Bendi Baby specializes in making babies’ and kids’ yoga mats. My 4 year old daughter uses her mat regularly. For my younger toddler, the mat also works well for nap time or for laying on to watch movies. The mat is great for beginning yoga practice to help children learn the benefits of yoga. My children enjoy practicing by themselves and with me, which is a great bonding experience.

Aurorae Yoga Mats

My favorite item for myself is the Aurorae Synergy Mat Towel. The product is soft and cozy, which makes practicing super relaxing. Every time I lay on the mat, I almost want to fall asleep! I liked that the item was easy to clean because I could throw it in my laundry machine or use a simple mat spray. Because the mat was so large, it could easily fit my daughter and me.


I received free items to help inform my writing.

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  1. Joyce

    It’s great you and kids are into yoga. I am especially impressed with the running. I just started running after a couple of years and my lungs seem to be on fire after
    5 minutes 🙂

  2. Juliana Rezaiezadeh

    I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but I love yoga clothes a lot more than I do yoga itself. They’re just so comfy!


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