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With all the extreme weather this year, don’t you wish something existed that could make your skin look gorgeous and radiant in hot and cold temperatures? When the weather changes dramatically, it can have a large impact on our skin. Wouldn’t it be great if your skin could look soft and supple year round? From snowy blizzards to scorching heat, one skincare line – CeraVe – has seen my skin through the harshest weather.

6 CeraVe Skincare Products You’ll Love

Whether you want cleansers that work for any skin type or body wash for beautiful skin at any age, CeraVe has a large variety of skincare products. Each product has a unique focus, but the entire line is gentle and non-irritating. Since the skincare line is developed with dermatologists, you can get skin that is actually healthier as you go about your regular cleaning routine.

Beautiful skin starts with a high quality soap that cleans without stripping away the moisture your skin needs. One of the best things about the Hydrating Cleanser Bar is that it is gentle, scent-free, and locks in moisture. The soap is ideal year-round because it effectively gets rid of any dirt and grime, while making your skin soft.

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If you like a longer shower routine, add body wash. After using soap, you can follow up with the Hydrating Body Wash to give your skin some extra cleaning and moisturization. This is a brand new product from CeraVe, and it makes your skin look great. Since the body wash foams as you use it, it works well as an alternative to shaving cream. The formula is gentle and has no irritating fragrance. You can use it daily to make your skin look nice any time of the year.
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Since CeraVe is a highly regarded skincare line, it only makes sense to trust it with your baby’s skin too. The Baby Wash & Shampoo is tear-free and gentle. My kids aren’t babies any longer, but they love using this to wash. Keeping irritating, scented products out of their eyes can be difficult. With this body wash and shampoo, kids can feel great as they are getting clean. One of the best parts is that kids look nice and clean after using this body wash. This product is kid-friendly and makes parents happy. CeraVe Skincare Review - Found on

I tried out three different types of face washes to see what made each unique. For a clean, fresh look, the Renewing SA cleanser uses Salicylic Acid to exfoliate and soften skin, while using ceramides to restore the skin’s natural barrier. Exfoliating once a week can ensure that your skin has a nice glow. Since this cleanser exfoliates in a very gentle, non-abrasive way, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to exfoliate regularly without upsetting your skin’s natural balance.CeraVe Skincare Review - Found on

Another cleanser is the Hydrating Cleanser for normal to dry skin. The type of skin you have can change due to the weather. Skin gets dry in the winter when there’s a harsh cold and snow, but skin can also get dry after getting sunburnt in the summer. This cleanser will hydrate your skin without blocking your pores. Even if you only need a lightly moisturizing cleanser, this product is so lightweight that it won’t make your skin feel greasy.CeraVe Skincare Review - Found on The last cleanser is the Foaming Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin. If your skin is prone to breakouts, this is an ideal product for you to use on a regular basis. With daily use, your skin can clear up without becoming irritated or overly dry. Because this product has a foaming action, it cleans deeply to rid your skin of dirt and makeup, while it also contains Niacinamide to calm any redness. Your skin ends up looking clear and beautiful!CeraVe Skincare Review - Found on

Now you’ve got 6 awesome beauty products to try from CeraVe, and the entire next year to do so! All of these products make your skin look beautiful and feel soft. Regardless of your skin type or age, there’s a skincare product for you.

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CeraVe Skincare Review - Found on

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  1. Anna

    I just started to use CeraVe products a few months back and I have to agree, they are the best! I use their moisturizer and I just love it! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  2. Keri Justice

    I haven’t tried this brand before. I’m excited to see they also make the baby product too!

  3. Katy

    I’m gonna have to look into the CeraVe for babies! I’m glad an affordable brand makes a good product that won’t irritate a child’s eyes


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