Growing up, I had amazing memories of the smoothies that my mom would make me. I remember receiving smoothies from my mom as a special surprise, as something that my mom had randomly thought of whipping up for me. Now, as I’ve become a mom, I appreciate knowing how to create a good smoothie from my mom. In the past couple weeks, I sampled the Nutri Ninja Pro Blender and I tried out some great recipes with my family. While making smoothies, I had an enjoyable experience that resulted in nutritious treats to keep my family healthy and happy.

Review of the Product

As I tried out the product, I created a delicious treat for my daughter’s lunch. First, I put everything yummy and nutritious that I had sitting around my kitchen. I created a recipe using a couple plums, a banana, some frozen blueberries and some vanilla yogurt. I knew that if I had served the fruit as part of lunch for my daughter, she would have created a sticky mess. Creating a drink with the ingredients made the meal less messy and more fun because it was a new experience. My daughter gulped up her drink with a grin. I was happy to serve something nutritious that also satisfied the taste buds of my 4 year old child.

Nutri Ninja

Using the product was simple. I chose the size cup that I wanted to use. For the lunch smoothie, I chose the larger size cup so I could make enough for the whole family to share. Other times, I used the smaller size cup to help my husband make his protein smoothie. After filling the cup with the food, I snapped on a lid with a blade on one end. After snapping the cup into place on the product, I simply pressed the cup down to start blending. The food blended really well. I was satisfied that there weren’t any chunky bits of fruit left in the smoothie.


Another time I used the product was when my husband needed to make his protein shake. As my husband lifts weights, he needs to drink protein shakes frequently. I liked that the product worked well for frequent use because it was so simple to use. The product helped create a smooth protein shake. In the past, my husband made his protein shakes in a cup with a fork, which resulted in lumpy powder. Now, the blender helped create a very smooth drink. After making the protein drink, I found that cleaning the product was easy. I hand washed the lid and the cup.


My favorite thing about the product was that it made drinking some healthy juice a convenient choice for breakfast. As I woke up and waited for my morning coffee, I was able to easily throw some items in the blender. Conveniently, I could snap on a to go lid to take the item out as I ran errands. The lids also worked well for my kids to help prevent messes. In the future, I look forward to using my blender regularly to help keep my family drinking healthy juices and smoothies.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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