Summer fashion for 2016 has an effortless and fun look. Keep your outfit ideas simple and playful. You want to be able to transition your look easily for different occasions. Three things to keep in mind are bold colors, classic designs, and the athleisure trend. Check out my top three favorite summer fashion essentials that you’ll need in 2016. I tried all three items out for several weeks so I could share them with you.

Summer Fashion Essentials

A Classic, Colorful Sleeveless Top

One essential you’ll need in your closet this summer is a classic, high cut top in a bold, vibrant color. You can dress up any outfit with a sleeveless top in a fun color. These can go with yoga pants, shorts, capris, and more. Sleeveless, loose fit tops have a timeless look that instantly elevates your style

From Alina Boutique, I tried out the long tunic top in vibrant magenta. I never find deals this good in stores, so I was curious about how the quality would be. After wearing the top on several occasions, I was very pleased with how the fabric held up after wearing and washing it. You can check me out wearing the top on my Instagram page.

Since the design had an effortless, flowy style, the shirt had a very complimentary fit. The high cut neckline was chic, while the bright coloring gave the shirt a fun, modern look. Adding one amazing top to my closet brought a whole new summery vibe to my wardrobe. I loved that this top would also be simple to transition to the fall with layers, and I liked that it would look nice for work.

3 Summer Fashion Essentials You'll Need in 2016 - Featuring @alinaboutique, @kinibands, and @livewell360. Found on

This simple top pairs nicely with accessories because it has such a simple design. You can dress it up with pearls or chunky necklaces. When I wore this shirt, I added a simple, diamond heart necklace. The style was romantic and elegant, without looking overdone.

Hair Accessories That Are Both Utilitarian And Fun

Summer is the perfect time for fun hair accessories that liven up your hairstyle. Interesting designs and bold colors are simple ways to make your hairstyle more exciting. Whether you are creating a ponytail or a top knot, Kini Bands are the ideal hair accessories for the summer. Because these hair ties are made out of swimwear material, they dry really well after swimming.

I tested these hair ties out during my daughter’s mommy and me swim class. Kini Bands hair ties feel way better during and after a swim than the other hair ties I have used. I also wore the hair ties on runs, and I liked that the hair ties stayed in place well. The hair ties also look nice on your wrist. For a bohemian look, the Siren Head Bands have an awesome, carefree style. 

3 Summer Fashion Essentials You'll Need in 2016 - Featuring @alinaboutique, @kinibands, and @livewell360. Found on

Hair accessories are an often forgotten detail of a fashionable summer look. With cool patterns and bright colors, Kini Bands can add a dash of fun to an otherwise plain outfit. Buy hair accessories that are not only utilitarian, but also exciting.

A Bag That Transitions For Different Occasions

In the summer, you need a bag that works for weekend trips, days at the pool, and an afternoon at the gym. Check out The Luxx bag by Live Well 360. This black bag goes with everything and holds plenty. Although this bag is technically a fitness bag, it works for numerous occasions! When I used this as a pool bag, I loved how the fabric didn’t soak in moisture from wet towels. The bag is the right size to use as a weekender duffle bag, and it has multiple pockets so you can carry your laptop, books, and other essentials.3 Summer Fashion Essentials You'll Need in 2016 - Featuring @alinaboutique, @kinibands, and @livewell360. Found on www.theresasreviews.comAs you transition from activity to activity, a large bag is practical. With this chic, simple style, you will look pulled together and organized. 

This summer, you can look effortlessly chic and be ready to have some fun with these three style essentials. I tried all three out, and I loved how they instantly improved my style. The colorful hair ties went with the bright, bold shirt, while the black bag brought some simplicity into my outfit.

Do you have items that are essentials in your wardrobe this summer? Share in the comments!


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Shann

    Great picks! I love that bag! The tunic tank is also great, and such a perfect summer color. I wear hair bands all the time, and those look super cute.

  2. Katie

    That bag is super cute! I’m definitely all for a cute bag that I can use for a lot of things. It’s so annoying to me to keep switching purses or actually switching purses and realizing you left your chapstick in the other bag…

  3. Kristen

    Those hair tied sound amazing! That’s one thing u do hate about hair ties is that they take forever to dry once they’re wet! I also like the small charm they have so it would look like a regular bracelet on your wrist.

  4. Yvonne

    Love the picks! Wish I could settle for a bag like that but got no choice but to lug around a diaper bag for now. Thankfully Storksak and Skiphop and decent casual enough looking diaper bags to pass as a handbag

  5. deanna

    I love all of these but I am crazy about those hair bands. I have very thick hair and am always looking for something cute that will hold them.

  6. Louisa

    These are all definitely summer essentials. I definitely need I bag than can transition from one activity to another.

  7. Susie

    So freakin adorable. I am in LOVE with each item. I need to get that hair accessory piece, I never know what to do with my hair!! Thanks for sharing.


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