When I published my kids’ guide to summer sun protection, I left out the items that I rely on to keep my hair and skin looking its best in summer. These items are in a category of their own. Most would work fine on my kids, but I wouldn’t waste such luxurious products on kids who prefer playing with worms to doing their hair. Check out my top picks for summer beauty products that will leave you looking your best in even the hottest weather. For more summer lifestyle ideas, visit Summer Travel Tips!

Summer Beauty Products Guide

One of the most important parts of summer beauty is hair care. Quickly the sun can dry my hair out, leaving it looking fried. I have sort of a lot of hair, but the hair strands are pretty thin. To make my hair look its best, I need shampoos and conditioners that make hair softer without weighing it down and making it limp. I tried out a total of four different shampoos and one conditioning mask to share the best summer beauty hair products.

Project Beauty sent me two types of shampoo three products from a line called Hairgurt. The unique thing about these products is that the ingredients are food-based, like quinoa and yogurt protein. Although you can’t actually eat the products, they smell amazing!

For about three weeks I tested these products. My favorite was the Curl Perfecting Yogurt Shampoo, which is ideal for the hot weather. Air drying your hair is a great idea in the summer. Since you get enough damage from the sun, summer is the perfect time to put away your heat styling tools. With a shampoo that brings out the waves in my hair, I feel more confident letting my hair air dry. My hair always looked and felt soft after using, even after visiting the pool and spending the whole day in the sun.

While I prefer to accentuate my curls in the summer, many women would rather eliminate frizz with a smoothing shampoo. I tried out the Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo to see if it would deliver the results women would be looking for in humid weather. My hair looked very smooth. Usually, flyaways come out in humid weather, but after using this shampoo I didn’t see any flyaways or frizz. I thought the Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo offered very similar results to the Curl Perfecting Yogurt Shampoo, regarding leaving my hair supple and luxurious, with each leaving the strands with a slightly different texture and look.

The only conditioning product I tried out was the Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque. Since I only use a tiny bit of conditioner on a regular basis to avoid weighing down my hair, my regular conditioner lasts me for years at a time. I had noticed that my beauty supply collection was missing a strong hair masque for the summer. I wanted a product that would remove the hardness that my strands can get after being in chlorine all day.

This product delivered great results! I used it about once a week and as needed after long days in the pool. My hair looked and felt much nicer afterwards. After using this hair masque, I didn’t even need additional styling products to help smooth my hair. I used this masque in mainly in combination with the Hairgurt shampoos, but I found that it also worked well with any shampoos I was using at the time. 

9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

To check out a variety of shampoos, I also received two different brands of shampoos from The Choosy Chick, a company that is known for carrying natural and organic products. I like that the owners of The Choosy Chick specialize in researching and selling only the best, toxic-free products. You can find products that meet all different budgets for your beauty needs. Previously, I worked with this company on a Christmas article, and I was really happy with how nicely packaged everything was when it arrived. Again, the company ensured that the shampoos they sent didn’t break or open in transit. Everything arrived looking nicely!

At a higher price point than the other shampoos I tried, the EVOLVh Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo claimed to offer luxury natural hair care with anti-aging benefits. I had high expectations for this shampoo, and I was pleased that it absolutely delivered amazing results. A helpful tip for using this shampoo is to only use a tiny amount. The shampoo lathers really easily. When I used the same amount as I did with the other shampoos, I found that my hair had more shampoo than it needed. Using a small amount is also helpful in conserving the shampoo.

I loved the way my hair felt during and after the shampoo. Instantly, my hair became smooth, even as I was applying the shampoo. The floral scent was also incredible, light, and uplifting. My hair smelled nicely even after I shampooed it. 

The last shampoo I tried was the Acure Repairing Shampoo. This shampoo was the most budget friendly. I liked that the shampoo still delivered great results, even though it was less expensive. When my hair was feeling stiff and damaged, the shampoo made it look revitalized. With a natural almond scent, the shampoo smelled very summery.

Before trying out these shampoos, I had been using a deep cleansing shampoo on a regular basis because it was all I had in the shower. The last thing my hair needs in the summer is a deep cleansing, which was drying out the strands and leaving them feeling brittle. Every single one of these shampoos was a huge step up from my previous routine!

9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

After shampooing, my hair routine doesn’t end there. Because my hair can get wild and out of control when it isn’t groomed well, drying my long hair is the next step. In the summer, air drying is preferable when possible. One item that helped me air dry my hair more often was the Hair Remedie frizz eliminating towel. I liked that the material used to make the towel was a soft, t-shirt like material. The towel left my hair looking way nicer than it looks after drying in a terrycloth towel. I noticed that the revitalizing benefits of the shampoos were emphasized because I was using such a nice hair towel.

I found the towel to be super convenient since it was so small. I had an easy time wrapping my hair in it. The towel wasn’t bulky at all, and it stayed put well. As I went about my afternoon routine, checking in on my kids and doing the dishes, the towel stayed in place nicely. After cleaning the towel in the washer and dryer, it looked the same. My hair care routine is much improved now that I use a hair towel!9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.comWith many activities bringing me outside this summer, great sunscreen is the key to keeping my skin looking young. I’ve had a hard to a find a good sunscreen that works for my adult skin. One sunscreen I love to have with me is the Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 from Block Island Organics. This sunscreen works well on my skin, and I can use it on my kids’ skin too. I love that the sunscreen goes with a very lightweight application that makes my skin feel moisturized and nourished. The sunscreen looks unnoticeable after it’s rubbed in well, and it feels unnoticeable too.

For my face, I tried out two different sunscreens. The first was the Block Island Organics Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30. I used the sunscreen on key areas that are usually prone to sun damage, like the area next to my eyes and across my nose. I liked that this sunscreen was lightweight because my face can get very oily with the wrong sunscreen. This product made my skin feel nourished without making it too oily. Since this sunscreen is not tinted, it works well for women who like a low maintenance look in the summer. After staying in the sun for a week, I didn’t have new noticeable marks of skin aging, so the sunscreen was effective.9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Trufora Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen was the last sunscreen and the final product that I tried. The bottle looked really high end and nice. I was proud to put it with the rest of my beauty collection on my countertop. The bright coloring of the bottle was very fun. This sunscreen looked like a product meant for a woman who wants to pamper herself, rather than a busy mom.

9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

One thing I was surprised about with this sunscreen was that it came out slightly tinted. I applied the sunscreen, and I was pleased that it worked well on my skin. The little bit of tint that the sunscreen had gave my skin a nice glow. My skin had great coloring without wearing makeup to the pool. The coloring applied very evenly and looked natural. 

9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

These beauty products will make your summer beauty preparation much simpler. The best part about these products is that they emphasize natural beauty. This works well for summer when your most beautiful assets are accentuated with minimal makeup and styling. In the summer, your hair can look great as long as you use a good shampoo and regularly apply a high quality hair masque. Your skin looks best without cakey makeup. Play up your eyes for a sophisticated look, but use minimal skin products, except for a great sunscreen. With these awesome beauty products, you’re all set to look your best for summer 2016! 

9 Summer Beauty Products You Need for Summer 2016 - Theresa's Reviews - Featuring My Project Beauty, @thechoosychick, Hair Remedie, @biosuncare, and Trufora. Found on www.theresasreviews.com

Is there a beauty product you can’t live without this summer? Share in the comments and I’ll check it out soon!


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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    I want to try all the Hairgurt ones. I have curlier hair, but also have frizz, so I think both would work great for me.

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