Uncle Goose has been manufacturing wooden children's blocks since 1983. As a professional educator, I like educational value of the blocks. Each block is handcrafted with textures that can help teach children numbers, letter recognition, and animals.

As a writer, I was drawn to the appealing colors and designs of the Classic ABC Blocks. I really like the product because they have an educational purpose, are practical and inexpensive, and has an aesthetic appeal that shows high-quality craftsmanship. While teaching with the blocks, parents can help kids do meaningful work to learn letter recognition.

Children's Blocks Review

Children’s Blocks Review

I received my M.Ed in Elementary Education along with K-6 Teaching Certification from Vanderbilt University. As an educator, I used the blocks to create homeschooling lesson plans. When I studied early childhood education, I learned that texture can help children develop letter recognition skills. Looking at the blocks, I see that the letters are carved with texture and dyed with vibrant color, which can help capture the attention of kids. My assessment was for my daughter to sort the blocks by colors. My daughter also sorted the blocks by numbers, letters, and animals.

As a budget-savvy mom, I like how practical the blocks are. The blocks were easy to store as they came with a bag. Usually my oldest daughter puts the blocks in the bag and sings a clean-up song. I appreciate that the blocks are a medium size so my youngest daughter would not try to put anything in her mouth. I was very glad the product does not pose a major choking hazard, as watching my kids 100% of the time isn’t always possible.

Studying the design of the product made me realize how special the blocks are. My husband used to work as a custom guitar builder, where artisans handcrafted each guitar. I’ve learned how handcrafted items, which are made-in-America, have a major appeal to me. As I can imagine artisans creating each block, I wholeheartedly recommend the style of the product. Uncle Goose creates items that look special enough to become heirloom toys for a future generation.

Children's Blocks Review

I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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