Being organized is important to me. Organization and planning helped get me through graduate school. Having a place for everything has helped me retain some sense of composure through motherhoodTrinity, the company that specializes in organizing, helped me recently create a new order to my previously cluttered living room. I tried out a 3-Tier Shelving Rack and I enjoyed giving my living space a much improved look.

Review of the Shelving Rack

Developing a Pinterest -worthy home is a main goal for me. One of my hobbies is to clean and put my home together in a visually appealing way. Before I used the shelf, I thought my living room was one of the better organized areas in my home. Trying the product out helped me realize how much room for growth my home had regarding its organization. Weeks ago, I was storing kids’ board games under side tables. Moving the board games to the shelving rack make my living room furniture look better, and it created a nice space for the kids to go to where they could find their toys.

Another thing I fixed was that previously, I had put my kids’ karaoke machine, tablet and microphone on the floor behind the sofa. Even though the kids’ entertainment center was in the corner of the room, my children loved it and used it to put on performances all the time. To better display my children’s performances, I moved the kids’ entertainment center to the bottom shelf of my new furniture. My kids were thrilled with the new location. The height was easy for my children to reach so they could play without having to ask for help.

Photo of the shelving rack

I put the shelving rack to good use, while organizing all of my children’s toys in my living room.

While organizing my living room, I took my kids’ book basket off of the side table that was next to my sofa. Putting the book basket on the middle shelf made it easily reachable to my kids and gave me more space on my living room tables. Instantly my children were excited to go and grab their books. Before, having the book basket on the side table made my children nervous that they might knock over a lamp if they got their books. Now, the new shelving rack made an excellent spot for my children’s books.

To add a finishing touch, I placed the baby photo album and a framed photo of my older daughter on top. Surprisingly, the slatted racks held the frame really well. I was relieved that the frame couldn’t fall through the spaces when I put the photo frame at an angle. Colorful accents on the photo frame and album made the rack officially the home of my children’s items. Wholeheartedly I loved my new children’s center, which held the best children’s educational items: an entertainment center, games and books.

To purchase the product, visit the company’s website. Also, visit the company on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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27 Responses

  1. Brianne Rushing

    Just moved into a new home and could use this in the laundry room, or the play room, or the spare bedroom… :)

  2. Lindsey

    I would use it in my pantry/laundry room! I have a bad need for shelves in there!

  3. Kristina

    I would love to win this to organize my cats’ toys. The cats rule the house and are spoiled, so their things are everywhere!

  4. Natalie

    I just moved into a new apartment so I would use this rack to store magazines and toiletries.

  5. Janet W.

    I would put this in my grandson’s room so he can store some of his belongings on the shelf.

  6. Terrie

    I would put it in my craft room. It would take care of the fabrics piled on the floor! Awesome giveaway! Thanks and hope I win. *smile*

  7. Laura J

    Oh I would love to use this for Carters games! Trying to hard to get organized!

  8. Natalie Brown

    Hi! As I just moved into my own small apartment, I have many items to put on these shelves. lol I would most likely put it in the bedroom with a lamp, clock, jewelry box, and baskets for more organization. Thank-you!!

  9. Tara Darity

    I would use it beside the computer to organize paperwork and receipts!

  10. Birdiebee

    I have a lot of arts and crafts that are just sitting in boxes which this rack would help organize all of my crafting and have it readily available for use.

  11. Jill Myrick

    I would use this shelf for all of my childrens books.


  12. Nicole Mecham

    I would use it for some of the decorations that I’ve had no room to put up!

  13. Eugenia Hall

    I think I’d use it outside the Laundry Room – which is pretty tight – to store supplies. The basket could fit on top when I’m sorting, I could put the extra boxes of detergent and such underneath. Plus other cleaning chemicals


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