Snowy weather made for the best review conditions for snow boots this past week. As I brainstormed for my Sperry Top-Sider Winter Cove Boot review, I took the shoes for a test of endurance through snowy weather that turned to slush. In the past, I reviewed several other shoes from the company, including the SON-R Pulse sandals, Chime slip-on sneakers, and the Shock Light 2 sneakers. Reviewing other shoes showed me that the company successfully designs shoes for optimum comfort. While the new shoes fit my expectations for the design, they exceeded my expectations for the style.

Sperry Top-Sider Winter Cove Boot Review

As years ago I volunteered and interned in the fashion industry, I considered the shoes’ style. I only review performance shoes from Sperry, so all of the shoes I’ve reviewed have been ideal for rugged, outdoor living, such as hiking and swimming. Now I was surprised because for such practical outdoor shoes, the Winter Cove Boots had an awesome style. Fur lining at the top made the boots look nice enough to wear to work on a snowy or rainy day. Pairing the boots with slim-fit jeans and layered gray colors on top, the result was a look that could work for a dinner date as well as a hike in the park.

To try the shoes out, I played in the snow with my daughter. Building snowmen and having snowball fights tested how waterproof the shoes were. I adored the warmth and coziness that the shoes brought to me. Playing outside for hours resulted in my feet remaining warm. The fur lining was critical to the shoes’ design. When snow fell around my legs, the fur stopped the snow from reaching my ankles.

I also tried the shoes out the day after the snow. When the snow began to turn to mush, I laced up my boots and braved the walk to the car. To get from the sidewalk to the car door, I had to step through the mushy grass mixed with mud as well as puddles. Mightily, the shoes withstood the test of mush. My feet stayed completely dry.

Ever since I was a child, I had to choose my shoes wisely. My arches are low. Wearing the wrong shoes can make walking cause a sprained ankle. In the past half a year of reviewing items from the company, I’ve noticed that the arch support was exactly right for my feet, especially for when I was in need of performance shoes for hiking and walking at a creek. Years ago during student teaching, I fell in love with the traditional boat shoes from the company. I couldn’t imagine wearing any other shoes for long days on my feet. Now, the Winter Cove Boots are my go-to boots for winter, both for snowy work days as well as for recreational outings on the weekends.

I simply can’t get enough of the refreshing styles of shoes coming from Sperry brand. Trying out the boots made me fall for their style and comfort. Whether playing in the snow or walking through mush, the boots withstood multiple tests of endurance. To learn more, visit the company’s website where you can get some awesome Black Friday weekend deals, like 40% off all clothing and 30% off select styles of shoes. 

Sperry Top-Sider Winter Cove Boot Review

Sperry Top-Sider Winter Cove Boot Review

Sperry Top-Sider Winter Cove Boot Review

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

9 Responses

  1. courtney

    Omg I’m a huge Sperry fan to begin with so ahhh… These boots sound absolutely fabulous ❤❤❤

  2. Alana

    It rarely snows in Vancouver and go figure it just did. I went out wo my regular boots and they are pointless. These boots look great and your review has me sold!

  3. Adrian

    These boots sound like my kind of shoe! I have the same problem with my feet. VERY low arches! I’ve fractured both of my feet because of it, so I definitely need great arch support. And although it’s extremely rare for us to even get snow flurries in North Florida it does get rather cold at times. These boots would be great in those times!

  4. Kay

    Hey! I’m planning to buy the same boots. Is it true to size or do I need to go 1/2 size up?


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