Cherish Childhood Memories as You Record Your Child’s Growth

Recording my children’s growth is important to me. I cherish my memories of the growth chart that I kept when I was growing up in the 1990’s. Now, children’s company Dibsies has personalized wooden growth charts that have quality and style.

When I was a child, recording my growth was a memory that I cherish to this day. I loved being able to compare how I was growing as tall as my older siblings. Now, as a mom, I have planned to preserve the memories of my children growing taller too. With a growth chart made by the children’s company Dibsies, I was so happy as I reminisced about my youth. Trying the product out with my children brought back some very positive memories! As a style-savvy mom, I was excited to see how the product worked in my home as well as to evaluate its durability.

Photo of growth chart

Dibsies growth chart

Review Of The Growth Chart

I received the Toile Wooden Growth Chart For Girls personalized with my daughter’s name, Georgiana. I could picture the posh details and intricate designs fitting with my elegantly named daughter’s personality as she grew older. Both of my girls love pink, so I knew the pink personalized name would go over great. Beautiful illustrations decorating the product had a major appeal to my girls. Looking closely, I could see a bunny rabbit. My girly girls loved the pictures, especially since Alice and Wonderland is their favorite book. Other adorable designs showed a wooden swing and the large castle. The colors went great in my children’s playroom.

Photo of growth chart

Up close photo of the Dibsies growth chart

Installing the item was simple. Adding some screws to the back required a little effort, but was rather simple. After measuring the wall, the growth chart hung beautifully in my kids’ playroom. My first action was to measure my kids. Using the product, I had vivid, nostalgic memories of the growth chart I made when I was a kid.

Photo of growth chart

Up close photo of the Dibsies growth chart

Even though the product had my younger daughter’s name on it, I wanted my children to both record their growth on it. I decided that Georgiana would get to keep the item as a memento from her childhood and I wanted my older daughter Samantha to have her height recorded on it too. As I measured Samantha, I was so surprised that she had grown inches since Christmas. Using a growth chart helped me keep track of the major growth that my children were showing. I happily put Georgiana’s first measurement on the chart.

Photo of growth chart

Georgiana loved her Dibsies growth chart!

My children were so excited to have the new item hanging on the wall. Taking turns standing next to the measurements, the girls were ecstatic. As a teacher, I liked that the product got my older daughter thinking more about measurements. When I walked out of the room, I saw Samantha murmuring something. I turned around and I heard the cutest thing.

“When I am seven, I’ll be this big. When I am nine, I’ll be here. Then I’ll be ten, and I’ll be there. When I’m sixteen, I’ll be here,” said Samantha.

Photo of growth chart

Older sister Samantha liked the growth chart too.

I loved that the product gave my daughter something to aspire to for her future. As my children grow, they will be excited that they have a record of their growth. Georgiana will always have a beautiful keepsake of her childhood when she had wonderful play times with her sister. Because the quality of the item was very good, I could tell that the product would last for a long time. During the upcoming year, I plan to use the item frequently to keep an accurate record of how my daughters grow.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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