Hoping to treat your baby to something special this Valentine’s Day? Tired of the baby clothes that all of the other moms’ kids wear? While searching for new baby fashions, I came across a hip brand from the Netherlands, Frankey’s. Since the brand is located overseas, I knew that I wouldn’t see the clothes on all the other kids at the playground here in the states.

In the past couple years, I’ve reviewed kids’ clothing from around the world. Frankey’s is one of my favorites. Studying the photos of the clothes, I noticed the style and design.

Valentine’s Day can seem so commercial. Instead of the traditional stuffed teddy bears holding hearts, Frankey’s offers unique styles with festive, soft colors. Light pinks and grays compliment baby’s soft skin.

Last year, I covered pants with heart-shaped knee pads in my Valentine’s Day article for Model Life Magazine. Although pants with heart-shaped knee pads have a traditional appeal for the holiday, the trendy, triangle shaped knee patches on the Rose Sweatpants would appeal to moms who are hip and young at heart.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Photo credit: Saar Manche and Frankey’s

Another thing I liked about the pants was that the design looked like it would fit great on my younger daughter, Georgiana, who has a thin, waist size, smaller than the average for her age. One of the biggest problems Georgiana has with some of her other pants is that even though the pants are the right size, the waist is so big that the pants fall down without her even moving at all.

The waistline of the pants looked small enough to keep the pants on without constraining a baby’s movement or hurting a baby’s tummy. I also noticed that the ankles looked small enough to help keep the pants on too.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Photo credit: Saar Manche and Frankey’s

To go with the Rose Sweatpants, the long sleeve gray shirt and the soft, jersey brown scarf would create an outfit that doesn’t scream pink, while still showing enough pink with the sweatpants to create a festive look. Because fashionable outfits for the baby can be as much a treat for mom as they are for the child, treat yourself to a purchase of trendy baby clothes this Valentine’s Day.

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