Recently, as I was mulling over how to winterize my home, I wrote the article Best Snowstorm Supplies for Your Home, where I analyzed the importance of keeping a flashlight or lamp. I discovered many different varieties of storm lanterns. When the website gave me the opportunity to review and hold a giveaway of the SunTurtle Solar Lamp, I saw a great opportunity to teach my audience about another style of lamp. I also learned a lot about the website, which had a variety of items that would appeal to many people. The website had items to promote sustainable living. I know dozens of people who would appreciate a sustainable gift. To examine an item that would be a cool gift for someone outdoorsy, I tried out the lamp in my home. SunTurtle Solar Lamp Review & Giveaway

In reviewing the lamp, I discovered that it arrived in two parts: the top part and the base. Reading the directions, I learned about several different ways to assemble the lamp. It looked like I could mount the lamp on a wall or even prop the lamp up using a soda bottle filled with sand. Assuming that I would use the lamp while camping, holding the lamp up with a soda bottle could come in handy if I was lacking supplies in the wild. Inside my home, I decided to assemble the lamp the way that looked that it would work best for use on a desk. SunTurtle Solar Lamp Review


Using the lamp, I found that the light worked very well. As an emergency, winter storm lamp, the item was great to have in the home. The item also worked nicely as a desk lamp on a regular basis. In my home, because there aren’t many lights installed, the place lacks luminescence. Having an extra lamp helped tremendously. The lamp was small and portable, so I could carry it from room to room as needed when it got closer to night time. SunTurtle Solar Lamp Review


Usually, my daughters’ bedroom and their upstairs playroom are dark at night because I haven’t bought a lamp for those rooms yet. The lamp that we were using in the playroom, we moved to the downstairs playroom so it could help light up the room with the Christmas tree. With the small turtle lamp, I could light up the dark rooms easily. When my daughters wanted to play upstairs after dinner, I simply brought the lamp with us. Later, when my daughters were getting ready for bed, I used the lamp in their room to help me, while reading them a story.

As I reviewed the lamp, I found that the size was one major pro to me. Even though the item was small, it had a very powerful light when charged well. Another great feature was the cool design. My family loves turtles. My husband is a Terps fan. The kids and I just think turtles are fun, and we have great memories of playing with the turtles in our back yard at our old house. For more information, visit the company’s website


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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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9 Responses

  1. Mary Clements

    great review!! I love that this is Solar…but I live in the Pac NW…not much sun

  2. Dolores Lawson

    This looks like a very handy thing to have. I live in the south, something like this would certainly work well.

  3. Carol Nine

    I like how portable this lamp is. I could use it all over the house, since our lights aren’t very bright.

  4. SunTurtle Solar Lamp Giveaway - Giveaway Promote

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  5. Heather in VA

    What an adorable little lamp. I I have solar flashlight that I just love and I know this would be a great addition to my house too.


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