Looking for a comfortable pair of shoes with a hip, trendy style? I needed a cool pair of shoes to wear outside of work, but I was having a hard time selecting the right pair. Often, when I pair my skinny jeans with tennis shoes, I end up looking like a sloppy mom who can’t take the time to really get dressed. I was excited to discover that the Cushe slipper shoes looked good with my favorite pair of jeans. The shoes also worked well for long walks and running errands. Although I have many shoes in my closet, these are my new favorite pair.

Cushe Shoes Review

Visiting the company’s Instagram page @cusheus, I learned that the company’s motto is, “It’s not just a shoe, it’s a lifestyle.” While the shoes are called slippers, they were practical for use anywhere. Since the shoes weren’t really house slippers, I wore them on a walk in my neighborhood to pick up some groceries down the road. Having comfortable walking shoes made me want to be more active, even on a gloomy, chilly winter afternoon. Wearing the shoes inside my house was also comfortable. When the shoes were clean and brand new, prior to wearing them outside, they were a delight to wear around the house as I cooked up an extravagant French meal.

Dropping by my Instagram page, you can see how much I enjoyed wearing the shoes.


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Late night sky watching in my new Cushe shoes.

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Several features were appealing to me. With canvas fabric, the shoes had a hip look that went great with my jeans. Light purple stitching added a hint of color to brighten up the shoes. Since the shoes were gray and black, they went with many different items that I already had in my closet.

Another feature I liked was the design. The lean look of the shoe was attractive. With a narrow shaped toe, the shoes looked cool and went well with my clothes. Some other shoes I own have too big of a toe, which ends up looking really weird and clownish. Since the shoes had a sleek design, I could pair them with skinny jeans as well as long, flowing skirts. Even though the toe looked sleek, the fabric had plenty of flexibility for people who need some room in the toe for wider feet.


One consideration that I had was the sizing. Because the shoes only come in full sizes, I went half a size up to a 9 instead of half a size down to an 8. Wearing the shoes with socks worked well with the shoes being bigger, but I think going a size down would have worked great for a summer pair of shoes to wear without socks. The fit was true to size, so it’s really up to each person whether going up or down in size would be better. I usually go smaller so the shoes look better on my feet.

Unique to Cushe shoes, the sole had a curved design. I found the design of the soles incredibly comfortable for walking. After wearing the shoes for the week, I preferred the curved soles to some of my other shoes.

Because the shoes had a cool look with the canvas fabric, I was happy to have walking shoes that didn’t look too athletic. My personal style is more girly than athletic, but I love being active. With the shoes, my outfit looked hip and casual. I’m excited about spring coming, when I plan to wear the shoes hiking.

Learn more and buy the shoes at the company’s website. Shopping at the mall? Pick up a pair of men’s Cushe shoes at Nordstom – perfect for Valentine’s Day!


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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  1. Courtney

    Omg these look pretty comfy!!! Loving the color since they could totally be worn outside and you wouldn’t have to worry about them looking all dirty that fast 😉 perfect for all summer outdoorsy activities 😉

    • theresa

      Thanks, I like the color too. It’s great to have a practical pair of shoes to wear for outdoor adventures. 🙂

  2. Dana Zucker

    i am totally in love with these. I live in Omaha and don’t have another shopping trip planned to shop for a month. Any chance you can tell me if they are true to size or how they run, I would love to order, they are just my style and look perfect to take when traveling

    • theresa

      They are true to size, but only come in full sizes. I got half a size up, but I think I would have gone with half a size down. Everyone prefers different sizes, though. I prefer smaller shoes because I think they look cuter, but some people really can’t stand having their toe touch the end.


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