Have you heard of Tobo Track? Last year I reviewed an early version of Tobo Track, the first toy from Tobo Toys. I tried it out with my daughter and she had a wonderful time playing with it. I really liked that the toy embodied STEM education for kids at such a young age. Now, Tobo Toys is back with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the latest addition to their line.

Let’s help a solo entrepreneur with his eco-toy company!

Tobo Toys is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital that would go towards creating an adapter. With the new adapter, owners would be able to link Tobo Track to popular wooden train tracks (Thomas, Brio, etc) and to Lego. This is sure to be a big hit with kids that already have these toys. I look forward to trying out the new adapter myself once the campaign is successful. Especially as my daughter gets older and starts using Legos, she would get a lot of use out of the item. While she loves racing cars, I like that the fact that the tracks teach fine motor skills as well as science concepts.
tobo track

Interested in helping an entrepreneur? By pledging $25 USD, you can get 15 track pieces, a small wooden car, green stickers, and one adapter. When you pledge more, you get sets of larger sizes or even multiple sets of larger sizes.

Earlier this year, my daughter was eager to pull out her Tobo Track this Christmas, a whole year after receiving it, to play with the new cars she received. So many other toys get tossed to the back of her closet, but not this item. The funny thing is that when she first received the track, she wondered if she could get more pieces. With the new, larger sets and adapter pieces, having a larger track is much easier to accomplish.

Check out their campaign at  http://bit.ly/tobotrack and support them if you like what you see.


I previously received a free product that helped inform this article.

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