Now that my husband is starting his new diet with his new health kick, he can no longer buy fast food meals for his lunch. To help, I started preparing healthy meals on the go, such as chicken Caesar salad, sliced turkey wrapped with Swiss cheese, and spaghetti squash pasta bake. The food I was packing needed to remain at the right temperature to stay good through the day. I was happy to review the Hango lunch box set to help keep the meals cool. While trying out the lunch boxes, I was really pleased with them.

Hango Lunch Box Review

Hango Lunch Box Review

In the past, I’ve tried many lunch boxes that worked great for my daughters and me, although for my husband, I knew I needed lunch boxes that had a more simple, professional look. I liked the appealing color. The stitching was also nice. Because the lunch boxes had a classic look, they went well with professional clothes and they fit in well in a work environment. Black and beige created a nice, understated look that would fit in many situations, such as casual trips to the golf course or to the playground in our area this summer.

Both lunch boxes came in a nice, white, cotton bag, which made me realize how well they would work as a gift. When I surprised my husband with them, he was happy that I got something thinking of him. To him, having two different sizes was really useful. The bigger lunch box could easily fit two lunch containers as well as a diet soda. Using the smaller lunch box, I found that it could fit a small lunch container big enough for a salad or a sandwich. The smaller lunch container could also fit a soda can, but it was more of a stretch to fit the can.

Hango Lunch Box Review

Both of the lunch boxes felt really durable and high quality. Using them, I found that the zipper worked well. The handles were sturdy. Cleaning the inside of the boxes was simple to do. Using a wet wipe, I cleaned out any spills or crumbs after each use. After my husband used the items for the week, I found that they still looked great.

Previously, my cupboards were overflowing with girly, patterned lunch boxes and lunch bags. All of the patterns and pastels surely made my husband not want to pack a lunch. Now, with our new lunch boxes, my husband can carry any size lunch, depending on his hunger and the types of items he wants to pack. With the bigger lunch box, there’s room for a salad and a main meal as well as a drink. The smaller lunch box is just right for days when he just plans on eating the turkey wrapped with Swiss cheese, which doesn’t take up a lot of space. When carrying less food, there’s no reason to have a bulkier lunch box.

Using the lunch boxes was a great experience. With basic coloring, the products worked well for my husband. Because the coloring was so simple, the items could also work well for me and my daughters. The durability and quality was great. Having two lunch boxes worked well for different occasions and since the style was very basic, the lunch boxes worked well in different settings. I look forward to packing lunches for my husband in the lunch boxes regularly. To learn more, check out the items on Amazon.

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Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Jamie

    This looks like a great lunchbox…especially for a man. I have had a tough time finding a more “manly” lunch box for my son in high school!


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