Pick out awesome gifts for everyone on your gift list this year. Choose a fun gift for the hostess of the parties you attend. With BuiltNY oven mitts and a wine tote, you can treat your hostess to a night of cooking with wine. Previously, I reviewed numerous items from BuiltNY here, including: lunch totes, lunch bags, the Bento lunch box and a diaper tote. In over the past year, I have regularly used items from the company and I am completely satisfied with the quality. Especially when using the diaper tote, I realize how strong the material is because I can throw anything in the bag without making the strap fall apart and break. While searching for awesome hostess gifts, I came across two other items that impressed me.

Hostess Gift Ideas from BuiltNY

I picked out the black Origami Wine Tote as the main focus of the gift. Frequently, hostesses receive wine as a Christmas gift, but according to USA Today, some people consider wine as one of the top 10 worst Christmas gifts. The problem with giving wine as a gift is that your taste in wine could differ drastically from what the hostess prefers. Instead of guessing the type of wine to buy, pick out a quality wine tote that the hostess can use regularly. In using the Origami Wine Tote, I found its’ strap high quality and I liked the material of the body of the tote.


Another practical part of the gift would be the gold Renzo Oven Mitts. I chose the Harvest Gold Leaves style to instill a sense of holiday spirit in the gift. The black and gold compliment each other and look nice for the season. In trying out the mitts, I found that the material was strong and durable. Previously, using other oven mitts, I have hurt myself several times with cloth mitts that got wet and became ineffective at safeguarding me against the heat. With the neoprene material, the oven mitts gave me more safety as I cooked at high temperatures. Any hostess would appreciate such a high quality and practical item as a gift. Buy a matching pair separately so your hostess would have both items for the kitchen.


As the company’s products have completely impressed me in the past, I strongly recommend both of the items. Quality is always noticeable to the recipient of a gift. Show your appreciation to the hostess of your holiday parties with a gift that they can use regularly. Hosting a party can be one of the most stressful activities of the season. Bring holiday cheer with a gift that anyone with a kitchen can enjoy.

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26 Responses

  1. Tara Brelinsky

    Those oven mitts are great looking and seem like they would give you better control as opposed to big, thick mitts. Thanks for the gift idea and I hope I’m the lucky winner because they’d make a fantastic addition in my kitchen.

  2. Amanda C.

    Both of these items would be really useful in our home. I’ve been needing to replace my current oven mitts and I never have a wine holder for when I go to parties. Great giveaway!

  3. Heather R

    Those oven mitts are so pretty! It’s always hard for me to find cute oven mitts. And that wine bag is a great idea for a hostess gift, especially with New Years Eve coming up.

  4. Melissa Shirley

    Both the oven mitts and the wine tote are very nice prizes.I need a wine tote and the mitts look like a nice pair.

  5. Missie Freeman

    I am in desperate need of new oven mitts. These look like they would protect my hands from getting burnt much better than what I’ve been using.

  6. Carol Nine

    That is such a great idea, giving a nice wine tote rather than a bottle of wine. It is difficult to buy wine for someone else when you don’t know what type they drink. I wouldn’t attempt it. And everyone can use new beautiful oven mitts.

  7. Amy Greenman

    Oven mitts would be of great use, no more accidental burns handling hot cookware.

  8. Heather in VA

    The oven mitts are gorgeous and I’ve been needing a pair for over a year now.

  9. Jessica Lewis

    I need some new oven mitts and after reading your review, these sound perfect.

  10. saralynns2

    Pretty sure these are the most fashionable oven mitts I have ever seen… and I could totally use new ones!

  11. gayle gildehaus

    I would love to try the oven mitts.My potholders are just ineffective even though they are fairly new.

  12. Laurie Emerson

    I love the color of the oven mitts. I have to admit I have always wanted to own a wine tote and I love this one!


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