Shopping for Easter supplies, I came across an awesome, eco-friendly product Eco Eggs that came from a company I previously reviewed, I found three main reasons that the product was a great fit for my family. First, I’m always on the lookout for items that can help reduce my carbon footprint. Next, as a parent and a teacher, I value the educational value that products bring to my family. Finally, the eggs are a smart item to buy because they can last and be reused. While the products are a great starting point for a discussion about conserving, they are also very practical. Review

Reducing my carbon footprint is important to me. With Eco Eggs, you can celebrate Easter in an environmentally friendly way. Ingredients used to make the eggs actually come from plants and are compostable. Choosing green products is one strategy consumers can use to actually better the world simply by ordering items online. Have you heard about the plastic that sits in the ocean, gets fed to fish, and could end up in the fish that we eat? Reducing our use of plastic items is not only key to bettering the world around us, but also key to bettering our own lives. Review

This is the 12 count case that has 72 total eggs.

Because the items are easily compostable, using the eggs teaches an important social studies lesson to children about how to protect an ecosystem we live in, the earth. One of the best ways for children to learn would be for parents to model the ideas. Making environmentally friendly choices as a parent can teach my children to do the same when they get older. Using the eggs can help introduce vocabulary words about the environment. Another thing to discuss would be what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle. Talking over these ideas with my kids works better when they have a manipulative to help them understand the ideas. With the eggs, my children can actually visualize the ideas about saving the environment in a clearer way.

For my children, the eggs will be reused long after Easter this year. In the summer, the eggs will work great as balls for throwing games. Some can be used in the backyard, plastic swimming pool as water toys. The quality of the eggs is really good. Each item feels durable. Next year, I plan to reuse the eggs for Easter again.

Eco Eggs from are a wise shopping choice this Easter. Shop for green items to help teach a lesson about environmentalism to your children. Use the eggs as a starting point for conversation about the earth to make your shopping choice matter. Getting reusable eggs is one of the wisest choices I made as a consumer as well as a parent because I can teach a lesson to my children while also saving money in the future.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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