Winter boots always help remind me of how beautiful the season is. My daughter takes a special pride in her clothing decisions, as many preschoolers do. When she wanted to wear her snow boots all day every day, I took it as a good sign that she knows what she likes. While the clunking sound of snow boots on our floor got annoying occasionally, and wearing the boots on days without snow or rain was silly, I also had her try out the shoes on a snowy day to best evaluate them.

Stonz Boots Review

My daughter is picky about her clothing choices. When she immediately Oo’d and Aah’d over how much she loved the boots, I could tell the style had captivated her. Coming from a girl who constantly gets to try out the latest fashions in children’s shoes, her fascination with the shoes was important to my evaluation of shoes. I asked Samantha what her favorite part of the boots was. She explained that she most liked the coloring, which was a pinkish-red color.

While testing the boots, she was thrilled to wear them consistently around the house until I told her we don’t wear our shoes inside. After arriving home from work, I was surprised to hear that she had insisted on wearing the boots to school on days when the weather barely called for boots. As arguing with a preschooler over fashion choices is often fruitless, I was content to let her wear the shoes. After all, I wore a bunny costume for months when I was her age.

Regarding the shoes, the fit was true to size. I went a size bigger than I would have gone because her size was in between a 12 and a 13. Size 12 might have fit fine to get through the winter, but I went a size up to ensure that she would have enough room. Size 13 fit pretty well, especially with socks, but there was a little extra room that made me wonder how the size 12 would have fit fine.

While I wasn’t sure initially if the shoes were too big, I watched Samantha use the shoes and I was happy to see that she walked fine in them. Snow boots can be pretty clunky, so I was relieved that the size and style of the boots worked well. As the snow flurried outside, she wore the boots to school again. I let her come outside and play when I got home. She was thrilled and didn’t look cold one bit.

Testing the boots showed how great they are for kids who need a heavy duty pair of winter boots. With the boots, Samantha could build snowmen outside for hours and not have her feet get cold. The only thing she was missing was the matching gloves, which would help her build snowmen. I can only rave about how awesome the material made to create the boots is. As a parent, I was very happy with the quality. Learn more at the company’s website

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Stonz Boots Review

Stonz Boots Review

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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