My little ones are celebrating their birthdays soon! By the end of March, I’ll have a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old girl. Because both girls have March birthdays, I usually have a lot of work to do heading into spring. There are gifts to buy, cakes to pick out and decorations to use. Although the birthday month is filled with excitement, planning awesome birthday parties can be much simpler by following a few simple tips.

Birthday Party Planning Tips

To get some help in planning the parties, I asked people on my Facebook page to help with some tips. Motherhood is so much simpler when you have supportive moms willing to speak from their experience. A lot of people who follow my blog on social media also have great blogs that I follow too. I was impressed with the advice, so I wanted to share it so others could learn too.

MyMorning Routine-

Use Printables

It’s three weeks before the party for my older daughter, the party when her friends are invited from school. My organization is going to be so much better using these party planning printables on A Pair of Pearls. The printables were suggested by Lindsay M., who said that they help her feel a little bit more organized. I totally agree and I’m off to print them now.  With the icy roads deterring my well planned trip to the party store this weekend, I’m going to need any help with organization that I can get.

Get Your Camera

Charge the batteries well the night before to double check that you have a working camera the day of the party. Keep the camera nearby to get every detail and every smile. Sarah Sofia Productions wrote a great guest post at Sixth Bloom, describing tips for photographing your own event. Highlighting special moments and getting candid shots are key to documenting the special day.

Plan the Activities

What could be worse than planning an activity, only to find out it doesn’t work when the kids attempt it? According the The Jersey Momma, trying out the activities is critical. She also suggests setting up the activities as centers. Having stations for different crafts or games can help entertain many kids at one time. Want to see how to set up stations? Check out her blog post How to Throw an Art Party for Kids. You can use the tables you already have in your house as well as some inexpensive and colorful table covers to make a festive party with stations for different crafts.


Planning every single detail to perfection is tempting, especially when you start searching Pinterest for party ideas. According to Sue P., everything ends up coming together in the end, especially if the kids get the three things they need to be happy: ice cream, cake and presents. Comparing your party ideas to the ideas you see on the internet will only lead to jealousy and unhappiness. Whether or not my party looks good enough to post on Pinterest, it will be a success if the kids are happy because the party really is about the kids.

Thanks again to the parents and writers who shared their ideas on my Facebook page! It’s so great to see the blog posts and pictures to go along with their ideas to really envision how simple party planning can be.
Do you have more tips on planning the best birthday party? Are you a company interested in seeing if your product is a huge hit for a kid’s birthday gift? Contact me here.


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  1. Melissa Matters

    Great tips! I have try to keep my parties a little more simple so it’s not as stressful. After all, you’re right, the kids are happy with just cake, ice cream, and presents.

  2. Bethany at The Southern Couture

    I love all the tips for printables and planning ahead, but I think the most important thing you mentioned is to RELAX. If we are so uptight about everything going perfect, we don’t take the time to enjoy it.

  3. Christine

    Great tips! I am always so busy that I forget to take pics so I get a cousin who normally wouldn’t care to take all the pics :)

  4. Tania

    Aww! You baby is so cute! Birthdays are so much fun to plan. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! :)

  5. Corina Ramos

    We’re planning a birthday party for my grandson who turns a year old in April. We’re not making a big to do but there will definitely be cake and ice cream :).

    Now my 3 year old grandson knows what he wants and he’s requested Spiderman be at his party this year. :).

    You’re daughter is too cute. I love seeing babies get all messy when they eat. It’s prescious!

  6. DebbieZ

    Great article with super advice! Thanks so much for including my link! Will share with my Facebook friends, too.

  7. Carrie Chance

    great tips! My favorite is “Relax”. I would always get so worked up about parties but for my daughters birthday party this year I skipped the theme, ordered cheap pizzas for the food and relaxed and it was so much fun for everyone and I got to enjoy it as well

  8. Anna

    The toddler is so cute! Of course planning to perfection is a spiral to disappointment, make the best of it and have fun!

  9. Jamie

    Great tips! I have learned over the years that simple works just fine for most kids! I will go to a lot of trouble and then they won’t even notice all the extra work…they just want friends, sweets and some gifts! :) Have a great month!

  10. Kat

    Awesome tips :) My daughter turns one on the 13th…I’m sad and excited at the same time. I’ll be sure to use these tips in the future 😉

  11. Tami

    I’ll have to use these tips for the next birthday. Relaxing … I’ll have to give that a try!


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