Swimming is one of my favorite passions. In undergraduate school, I lived in a beautiful beach side resort condo where I had access to the beach, a pool and a hot tub. Life was good back then. Years before, I learned when summering on a boat in Hilo, Hawaii that there’s something about living near the water that helps quench your soul. Now, I’m water deprived living in Tennessee, so I live as close as possible to the Harpeth River to help my soul survive the waterless summer. As a fashionista with two young kids, I examined a custom made swimsuit from the Simply Modest swimwear company. While excitedly making custom choices about the design, I was relieved to have a fashionable swimsuit that I would be comfortable wearing around my extended family and my kids.

Review Of The Swimwear

Having swimwear custom made had the challenge of understanding of what some seamstress terms meant. Also, I needed access to a good tape measure for accuracy. As I filled out all of the information, I realized that giving more detail and description about how I was doing my measurements was most helpful. I took extra measurements and I explained exactly what I measured. When I got to the neckline part, I realized that I could add my own creative flair to the design. Other swimsuits I had seen from the company had a very high neckline to show modesty. I completely agreed with modesty as an important virtue, but I didn’t see a problem with having a square neckline to avoid swimsuit lines on my neck. The company was very helpful in making sure that I received exactly what I wanted. I was happy with the service as the company contacted me for an extra neckline measurement to be sure that the length of the neckline was exactly how I wanted.

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Not a lot of companies offer a completely custom made design, which really made the process unique. Before ordering, I asked whether certain fabrics would go together. Quickly, an email response came that I might want to consider different fabrics as the other colors didn’t go that well together. I was very appreciative of the honesty of the customer service. The quick and direct service that I received helped me be completely happy with the swimsuit.

Wearing the swimwear, I was ecstatic with the fit. I could tell that the company had really used my measurements and not some template of what a swimsuit should look like. In the past, other swimsuits fit well in one area but would be baggy somewhere else and too tight in some places. Now, my swimsuit fit my unique body type exactly as it should. I particularly liked that I was able to choose whether I wanted a more fitted or more loose style to go with my personality and my personal style. Customization options were very individualized.

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As the company specialized in modest swimwear, I was surprised with how modern and fashionable it ended up looking. I felt that I was able to hold on to my values and look classy without looking too ultra-conservative. The swimsuit had an appeal that was universal to women of any background. One of the best things about the item was that it helped me to be an active, awesome mom. When my kids asked me to run through a sprinkler, I didn’t have to get self conscious about whether a bandeau top would move too much. I could run and play with no reservations. Even my husband said the swimsuit looked great.

I honestly felt that the swimsuit was better than any item I could have found on a rack or in an online store. Getting to be in control of how my swimsuit would look was a dream come true for me. I was able to come up with a design that was a little different than some of the styles that the company already produced. Genuinely, I liked being able to reveal my individual style with my swimsuit. I was very happy with the fabric that the company carried, which looked even more impressively beautiful in person. In the future, I can’t wait to get more use out of my swimsuit.

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