Looking for a dress festive for any special occasion? Since I collect and admire kids’ dresses, I wanted to share one of my favorite this season. Given the opportunity to review any item from the Hatched Baby online store, I could tell the Egg gold dress looked special. My daughter Samantha gave her opinion. Choosing between the Egg gold dress and the Egg purple, collared dress, Samantha explained that she most wanted the gold dress. With a decorative, sparkly look, the dress had a major appeal to my daughter, which revealed that it had a very attractive quality for girls.

Hatched Baby Dress Review

My first reaction when my daughter and I received the dress was pure excitement because of the nice packaging. For any PR professional working with mommy bloggers, it’s important to know that packaging can help influence a person’s perception of your product. The dress arrived quickly after I spoke with the company and it was laid nicely in a gift box with hip, burlap wrapping and a beautiful feather.

Hatched Baby

To my daughter, the PR gesture was as amazing as a Christmas gift. Unwrapping it was special. Quickly, the sparkly, gold feather became her favorite belonging. Dancing with the feather, while wearing the gold dress, was the next step in our review process. With cool, refreshing outdoor air, the dress was thick enough to keep her warm.

Created by a mom with a history of working at Anthropology, the company shows a good understanding of what moms like. From the nice packaging of the product to the highest quality dress, the experience of reviewing an item was excellent. I also liked selecting an item from the online store. Looking through the website, I discovered a wide variety of fashionable kid clothes to appeal to all different types of parents. Some of the clothes had a free spirited look, while some had a more basic, classic appeal.

Hatched Baby

Another thing I liked about the dress was its design. I’ve reviewed many items of children’s clothes over the past years, so I considered the best features of the dress as I reviewed it. With a peter pan collar, the dress had an innocent look that was very appropriate for young girls. The problem with so many dresses that come in a size 5T is that the trendy styles can start to get more risqué. With the gold, collared dress, Samantha looked age appropriate and modest. I layered a tank top underneath, although a shrug or a cardigan would have worked nicely too.

Hatched Baby

Later, Samantha eagerly wore the dress all hours of the day and evening during play time. The dress became the perfect dress for a princess as she played make believe. While she colored in the morning, the dress was just right for an artist. Even though I could picture her wearing the dress on special occasions, I was excited to see her get regular use out of such a nice dress. Saving the dress only for special occasions didn’t seem practical when she loved wearing it so much. In the future, I’m going to let her wear the dress frequently, as it’s so beautiful that I much enjoy seeing it on her.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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  1. Tamara

    Oh this dress is lovely. I Need to check this company out for my daughter. I’m searching for an Easter outfit already.

  2. Bree Courtney

    Oh my goodness! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Love the cute packaging and the dress! Will have to check this out for my 4 year old. I’m in love.


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