Have you ever wanted a toy that was adaptable to the toys you already have? Tobo Track is a track for all your kid’s wheeled toys. When my daughter got some wheeled toys for Christmas, the first thing she did was say, “Mom, does this mean I can get out the Tobo Track now to play with them?” She was so excited to get new vehicles that could ride on her track. The best thing about its toy is its simplicity. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. All of the pieces fit in one small box. My daughter actually fits several cars in the box too, so the entire driving section of her playroom can easily stay contained when she’s not playing with the cars. Because I could see how enthusiastic my daughter was to play with the toy for over a year, I was excited to introduce the latest news from the company.

Tobo Toys Launches Kickstarter Campaign

tobo toys

On March 17th, the Tobo Toys company is launching a Kickstarter campaign. Meeting the crowdfunding goal will help the company expand and evolve. The main goal is to manufacture an item that helps the product connect to Thomas the Train and Lego. Another goal would be to bring costs down so more people can enjoy the toy.

So how can you participate? While you can donate money, you can also participate in a giveaway to help draw promotion to the campaign. Check out the pre-campaign contest, where you can enter to win one of five prizes. There, you can refer friends for bonus entries, which helps others learn about the campaign too. You can also share the contest when you share it on social media.

Even without owning small, wheeled toys for most of the past year, my daughter loved piecing the track together. It’s made up of large puzzle pieces. Putting the parts together is a good way to focus on fine motor skills. The toy is greatly enjoyed by my kids, so even if you don’t want to participate in the campaign, be sure to check out the company’s website to learn more.


I received a free product that informed my writing.

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  1. Stephanie

    Thanks for spreading the word about these. I have never heard of them but look really neat and would be useful!

  2. Christine

    Looks like a fun toy. Doesn’t seem very big so it won’t take up space but I can see it being fun to use on a carpetted area.

  3. Katriza

    These look really cool! My son would definitely like these! He’s so much like his father! Always building stuff! 😀


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