Potty training happens best when parents can be silly. My pediatrician recently asked that I get silly with potty training to help my three-year-old daughter advance to the three-year-old class in preschool. I want to be a mom who is always supportive of helping my daughter to always do her best, while helping her understand the basic skills that she needs to know for kindergarten.

Potty Training Liners Review

As a mother of two children under four-years-old I value easy cleanup solutions to help me relax. TidyTots disposable potty training liners help me be carefree. I need to be relaxed about the potty training process so I can help end my daughter’s accidents. I love containing icky messes on the potty-chair to reduce my cleanup time.

Using the potty training liners helped me avoid using harsh cleaners. I was psyched I could take a break from scrubbing the potty with chemicals after each potty break. Recently, when I was pregnant with my second child, my doctor told me not to touch chemicals without gloves and to generally avoid using chemical cleaners altogether. I thought about how harmful chemicals must be. I prefer to avoid using chemicals. The liners helped me cut back on needing to use harsh cleaners daily so I can keep chemicals off my skin.

Basically, the liners are miniature white trash bags with draw tape closures and an absorbent pad. When my daughter uses the potty, I use the draw tape closure to tie up the bag. I place the bag in the trash as needed. I like how the absorbent pads can be used at least two to three times to save on the cost of the liners. I would wholeheartedly recommend the liners for parents who want an easy cleanup solution to encourage a child’s next step in potty training.


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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