As I enjoy the sunny weather with my oldest daughter Sammy and my infant daughter Georgiana I sometimes forget to check that my daughters are wearing sunglasses and sun hats. Quality sunglasses are important to the development of healthy eyesight in children. I was excited that the children’s sunglass line Real Kids Shades sent me four pairs of sunglasses to review. I received samples of the pink Infant Hat/Sunglass Combo and the 0-24 My First Shades Pink Daisy for my infant Georgiana. I received the 2-5 My First Shades Pink and the 3-7 Flex Duo Purple/Pink for my toddler Sammy.

Review of the Children’s Polarized Sunglasses

I wholeheartedly agree with the mission Real Kids Shades has to create affordable children’s polarized sunglasses manufactured with high quality materials to block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. I really like that the Our My First Shades line is the result of collaboration with a pediatric ophthalmologist. I always want the safest products for my children. I strongly feel that safety is of the utmost importance to Real Kids Shades. I love that materials in the sunglasses are lead-free, have no bisphenol A, and have no phthalates. Real Kids Shades are an excellent choice for parents who care about minimizing exposure to harmful materials as well as encouraging safe outdoor play.

I appreciate the quality of the bendable frames on the 3-7 Flex Duo Purple/Pink sunglasses. My daughter Sammy bent the frames several times without damaging the sunglasses. I feel that durability makes Real Kids Shades superior to a lot of other sunglass lines for children. I love how Real Kids Shades researched some of the most effective ways to create high quality sunglasses. I would recommend Real Kids Shades to parents who have a difficult time keeping sunglasses on their children’s heads. Several styles of Real Kids Shades come with a wraparound adjustable band. When my daughters move around a lot outdoors the Real Kids Shades stay in place. I really like how the adjustable straps help my daughters keep track of where their Real Kids Shades are so the sunglasses don’t get lost.

I like the variety of styles that Real Kids Shades carry. My husband 6-time award winning movie director Ryan PickettPickett, owner of Ryan Pickett Productions says that the styles of Real Kids Shades with adjustable bands would be excellent for very athletic children. I often take my daughter Sammy out running. I plan to have my daughter Sammy use the 2-5 My First Shades Pink when we next go running. Ryan and I agree that the 3-7 Flex Duo Purple/Pink sunglasses would best compliment the sense of style I like to instill in my daughter Sammy on special occasions when I let Sammy put on pretty dresses or designer jeans.

Parents should have their children try on a few different styles of sunglasses at one of over 1500 retail locations that carry Real Kids Shades if possible. I like the affordable price of Real Kids Shades at around $15-$20. Parents could purchase a couple pairs to ensure the proper fit if a retail location is not nearby. I think the sunglasses I received fit well on my daughters. Children might have a preference of using the adjustable strap or the bendable frames. I wholeheartedly recommend that parents purchase a pair of Real Kids Shades to use during any season because protecting children’s eyes is critical. When purchasing a pair of Real Kids Shades parents can support a mission of creating safe and high quality sunglasses for all children who deserve only the best.

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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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