Shopping for cheap diapers online? According to NYDailyNews, the cost of affording diapers can be challenging for some parents. Finding great deals on diapers online helps me maintain my budget as I raise my kids. Some websites specialize in offering brand name diapers at a discount. Some companies sell diapers in bulk so the price per diaper is cheaper. As a mom who has diapered two babies, while managing my family budget, I examined five websites that offer deals on disposable diapers.

Cheap Diapers Online: 5 Best Places offers good deals for first time buyers. For instance, you can get $10 off your first order of diapers with the code HeyMama. You can also get 15% off most items with the promotional code THOUSANDS. Choose name brand diapers, organic diapers, swimming diapers, or the budget brand. The company also sells baby gear so you can get your shopping done in one place.

Amazon Mom

When you sign up for Amazon Prime, one of the many benefits is that you get a free subscription to the Amazon Mom service. Receive 20% off diapers when you sign up for the Subscribe & Save feature. The Subscribe & Save feature provides you with a regular, monthly delivery of your brand of choice with an automatic charge to your credit card. While the price is discounted because you are agreeing to a regular service, you can choose to terminate the service at any time. Amazon Prime members receive free two day shippingso shopping online with Amazon Prime is convenient and inexpensive.


Find deals on unopened boxes of diapers. Many parents turn to Ebay to sell unused boxes when their child outgrows diapers. Examine the photos of the diapers before buying, and message the seller with any questions. Examine the seller’s ratings before making a purchase. You might find an instant deal on a Buy It Now product, or wait and see how the price rises on an item up for a bid. To get a good deal, bid on an item that is down to its last couple of hours, which hasn’t yet received a bid.

Next to each product, you can see the price per diaper. Because you don’t have to calculate out the price per diaper, shopping at Walmart provides good convenience to financially-savvy parents. The company offers free shipping over $50, so if you shop in bulk you get the best deal.

Facebook Trade Groups

To join a trade group, search on Facebook for your city’s name and the words Trade Group. Joining a trade group helps you exchange or purchase items locallyPost that you are in search of a specific brand or size of diapers and write the cost that you wish to pay. Buying from a local Facebook trade group requires you to drive to meet the seller, but you can get better deals because many sellers want to sell the items quickly. Before you meet anyone, check the seller’s Faebook page and agree to meet in a public place.

Shopping for diapers online can help you save money, while giving you the convenience of shopping from home. Because being a parent is expensive, saving a couple pennies per diaper can make a big difference. If you shop frugally for years as your child potty trains, the pennies that you save will add up over time.

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  1. Theresa (Capri + 3)

    I am glad we are finally done potty training. We used many of the options you listed. We did not try Ebay or FB groups. This list is great for people in the diaper stage. I will tell my sister-in-law about this!

  2. Terri

    What a great and valuable piece of information, my sister is thanking you right now, she has 2 in diapers and needed this info 🙂


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