Endorsed by celebrity Tori Spelling, Teething Bling are necklaces recommended by pediatrician Dr. Sears of the TV show “The Doctors.” I wrote the following review to examine the unique, practical design of the necklaces. As a family-friendly business, Teething Bling by Smart Mom is a company that interested me because the company is staffed only by moms and actually welcomes children in the workplace. With a commitment to safety, the company, which has received several awards, creates teething necklaces that are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. Press coverage includes being profiled in People MagazineAmerican Baby, Parenting, Babytalk, and many more. Celebrity Tori Spelling endorses the product. Pediatrician Dr. Sears from the television show The Doctors recommends the product. 


Teething Bling Review

Personally, I’ve tried out two other brands of teething necklaces. I was always uncomfortable when the chewable beads on other necklaces would pull at my hair. As I wrote my Teething Bling review of the Signature Moonstone Donut Shaped Pendant, I could wear my hair down with no discomfort. I liked that the product had a practical design with a black, silky cord and a chewable pendant. The grey moonstone style had a classic, appealing design that could go with any outfit.

Having the necklace appeal to my youngest daughter was critical to my review process. As my daughter is almost 7-months-old, her teeth haven’t quite started coming in yet. Instantly when my daughter saw the necklace she knew what to do. I wholeheartedly enjoyed wearing the necklace, as I could tell the product made my daughter happy. Honestly, I think my daughter would recommend the product if she could talk! As the necklace has a thin cord and a light pendant, the product was so lightweight my baby could wear it with my supervision. Obviously I recommend the product to mothers for the style, practicality, and comfort.


I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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Theresa has been writing since 2010 in magazines and online. Her lifestyle and parenting expertise has been featured in publications, including ShopSmart and Scholastic. She earned an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt as well as a BA in History from Flagler College, and she is a certified teacher.

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