Parents have a role important to their children's academic success. Your child can use ABC Mouse to learn several content areas.

When I student taught in my Master of Education program at Vanderbilt, I learned that having technology as an incentive is important to some students’ motivation. Examining the article Technology and Young Children, I learned how research suggests that using interactive technology in a meaningful way supports student learning. Now, in exchange for writing a review, Magnolia PR granted me the opportunity to have my oldest daughter sample ABC Mouse. As a homeschooling parent, I’m passionate about only using the best materials to prepare my three-year-old daughter for kindergarten. I’ve offered the following review to show the benefits of using the online program to teach preschoolers.

ABC Mouse Review: Preparing Preschoolers for the Common Core

In examining the Common Core Standards for kindergarten language requirements, I learned that students will be assessed on knowledge of print recognition, grammar, and phonemic awareness. Assessment of literacy is key to student learning, as students need literacy to understand all content areas. My child needs emergent literacy skills to understand all content areas. Using the online interactive technology program, my daughter develops language skills with a focus on phonics as well as phonemic awareness. Currently, my daughter’s favorite game has her trace letters and numbers in bright, bold colors to help her learn handwriting skills and print recognition. As a parent, I feel that the online program prepares my child for the Common Core Standards that teachers will use to teach her in kindergarten.

Content Areas In Preschool

When I first watched my daughter use the interactive technology program, I thought the program only taught literacy. Research about school readiness suggests that children should come to kindergarten with a variety of skills and strategies for learning. Later, as I examined ABC mouse, I was surprised to learn that the program teaches reading, math, science, art and colors, and music. I wholeheartedly appreciate that the program offers a comprehensive curriculum. My daughter can learn with art, books, songs, puzzles, games, and printable worksheets. I really like the World Around Us curriculum, which builds on students’ prior knowledge. My daughter can study maps and the solar system with interactive technology. As a science geek and a history buff, I’m in love with the program. Honestly, I recommend visiting ABC Mouse to watch the descriptive videos, and try the program out free for 30 days to discover if the program is a good fit for your child.


I received free items to help inform my writing.

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