A children’s company Tiny Love manufactures products and toys for kids. As I wrote a baby bouncer review, I received a Take Along Bouncer to examine. On the company’s website, the product retails for $44.99. Something my readers should know is that on the website, you can see ages 0-12 months. If you scroll down and look at photos of the product, you can see that the Age Tips section only goes from age zero to six months. The product is made for children from infancy to around six months, so don’t buy it for older babies. As a mom of an eight month old, I wasn’t sure if my baby could use the item, and I luckily had a friend who was happy to test the product with her baby.

baby bouncer review - photo

Here’s my baby, and you can see that she’s a little big for the bouncer.

Baby Bouncer Review

Because I didn’t read the full description of the product, I mistakenly assumed the product would work for my 8 month old to use for four more months, and would be the right product to take on a winter vacation to visit family. When I received the product, I realized that babies who are already sitting up without help cannot safely use it. My daughter, who sits, crawls, stands, and can take steps with help, is much too active for the product. I know my daughter is very sturdy, so I watched in amusement as she tried to flip the chair and crawl away onto the floor. At first I wasn’t sure how to complete my baby bouncer review. In reflecting about my child’s development several months ago, I realized how valuable the product would be for moms of younger babies.

Luckily I had a friend who helped me test the product over a couple weeks to see how practical the item was. As my friend used the product in my home with her 3 month old, I saw her baby rest and sleep happily. When my friend and I wanted to move from the living room to the back porch, we had a simple time moving the bouncer. The item folds up easily, which makes moving around the house easily for new moms. Convenience is key for parents. Because of the convenience of taking the baby bouncer outdoors, I loved that the product made my friend and I feel excited to be active. The product was simple to lift and it came with a bag to help my friend and I take the item to go.

My friend and I decided to test the item at a nearby park. The bouncer fit easily behind the main seat in my small car. We had an easy time getting the product into the bag after reading the directions and testing the different buttons. There’s two buttons we needed to turn, one on the top and one on the bottom. When we used both buttons, the item folded up easily and fit in the bag. When we got to the park, I spoke with my friend, who is a new mom, about how the product had helped her when she needed to take a shower. My friend also said the product gave her a safe spot for her baby when she needed to get work done. Because of the practicality of the product, I wished that I had asked for it on my baby shower wish list this past year. As a thank you to my readers, check out Theresa’s Reviews on Facebook for the announcement of a giveaway of a free bouncer! (THIS CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED)

I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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