I am excited to introduce a new way to pacify babies with stylish and chewable jewelry. As I wrote my Teethease chewable jewelry review, I learned how very effective wearable teething products can be. I received the Teethease Rockease Classic style Grey Marble chewable necklace. Safety is of the utmost importance to the company as evidenced by the use of no products containing BPA, phthalate, PVC, heavy metals and latex. Because I parent two children, I’ve learned the importance of helping a baby go through the difficult teething phase. I loved that the necklace had a unique shape and a glossy finish, which instantly attracted my daughter, and must have felt good on her teeth.

Chewable Jewelry Review

This is my daughter’s favorite teething necklace.

Chewable Jewelry Review

I really liked that the necklace came with beads that had different sizes and shapes. My six-month-old daughter enjoyed chewing my jewelry. I loved the effectiveness of the product. I thought the necklace was the perfect product for the teething phase. As I watched my daughter play and chew, I appreciated that the beads had irregularly-shaped edges.

As a professional educator with a K-6 teaching certification, I thought having rock-shaped beads helped engage my baby because the edges felt nice on painful gums. I assume the beads must have felt good on my daughter’s gums because she continued to use the product. I loved how much use I got out of the product. The glossy finish engaged my daughter because the light shining on the beads caught her attention. I liked the marbleized grey color, which was very appealing. The neutral grey was sophisticated and could go with a lot of my outfits.

Even though the necklace looked heavy in pictures, I liked how incredibly lightweight the product actually was. Having the beads hang around my neck was barely noticeable to me. Silicone, which is lightweight, is also an excellent way to negate the potential growth of mold. I liked that beads looked very durable as a teething product. Using the product regularly, my daughter caused no dents or damage to the product. I was not worried about the safety of the product after using it. After using the chewable jewelry with my daughter, I really liked that cleaning the item was very simple. I used a bottle scrubber to disinfect the necklace. Next time I could put the item on the top rack of the dishwasher to make cleaning really simple.


I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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