Surface Inspired is a company that specializes in making nursery wall decor. I wanted something special for my daughter’s new playroom and I was excited to transform the playroom into a forest.

Review of the Product 

I received the Baby Birch Tree vinyl wall decal. I liked the monumental size, which was about 101″ tall. Each of the three trees was about 30-to-40 inches wide. I appreciated how I could decorate the entire wall to create a theme and inspire my children in their play space.

Since I currently reside in a rural area I really liked that the decal was very nature-inspired. I thought my children would have fun in a playroom decorated with seven birds, two squirrels, and a hedgehog. I felt that a major positive was the simple and appealing color scheme. Mainly the colors were dark brown, light brown, mint blue, and lime green.

IMG_0221 IMG_0217

When I opened the box I realized that I would need to enlist some help with the project. I noticed that the product came in many different parts, which required some work to assemble properly. Luckily my husband and my three-year-old daughter were nearby to help me understand how to get started. I would highly recommend watching the online video that gives assembly instructions. I realized that careful assembly would be required to avoid making a mess of the product. I would recommend setting aside around three hours to four hours to apply the decal to the wall.

After I watched the video I realized that the process was not very complicated. First I dusted the wall. I cut apart the pieces and I let the parts sit for two hours. When I was ready to apply the decal I had my husband help me tape the trees at the mid-line. I cut the backing off the top half of the tree and I used the squeegee to apply the top part. I removed the backing off the bottom of the tree. After using the squeegee to apply the three trees I applied the branches, leaves, animals and birds.


I would highly recommend buying decals from Surface Inspired. I liked that the colors were appealing and gender neutral and I loved that the design could work in a common area playroom. As a fashion-savvy mom, I loved the sophisticated style. I thought the decal was high quality. No bubbles or tears appeared when I applied the it to the wall. I felt that the finished product looked like an artistic mural and not like a cheesy sticker. Obviously I wholeheartedly love my new playroom decoration and I think other parents would enjoy the product.

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Buy the product at the company’s website.

I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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