Children’s hair accessories created by the company Tadpole and Lily are the latest children’s fashion trend. The company’s items have been profiled in Daily Candy, Life & Style Weekly, inTouch, and Woman’s World. Sarah Jessica Parker accessorized her daughters’ wardrobes with the products. I sampled a violet Eloise hair with my oldest daughter Samantha. The hair bow accessory arrived packaged adorably with a handwritten note from the owners. 

Child Hair Bows Review

My daughter decided to wear the hair bow as she raked our yard. Usually I save items I review in the box until I’m ready to take a nice photograph before using the item. My daughter ran wildly around our 1.5 acre yard as I watched in horror. As my imagination got the best of me, I pictured having to explain to the company how my daughter ruined the product before I wrote the review. I thought about all of the poorly crafted children’s products on the market, which are stitched sloppily or connected poorly with hot glue. Unlike other products, the hair bow that my daughter tried was made in America.

While watching my daughter play, I realized that many other handcrafted children’s accessories would have fallen apart. Yanking and pulling had no effect on the hair bow. Luckily for me, the hair bow remained secured to the elastic band. As Samantha worked in the yard, the elastic band was loose enough to create a comfortable fit and tight enough to keep the hair out of her eyes. I can wholeheartedly describe the product as being of the highest quality.

As the soft felt bow attaches securely with an elastic band, the style is practical for everyday wear. Personally, I chose a light purple bow. As my husband is a big fan of the Baltimore Ravens, most of our daughter’s clothes go well with purple. Pairing the bow with a grey fall sweater made by Gap, I pictured my daughter heading to church, school, or a play date. I wholeheartedly recommend the violet Eloise bow as the latest children’s fashion trend. As a style-savvy mom, I thought the bow looked adorable. I feel that the product stands apart from others on the market. The product was very durable as well as trendy.

My daughter wore the bow for months until one day, she threw it in with her dirty laundry. Unfortunately, the item shrunk and got disfigured in the wash. In the future, I do plan to continue getting child hair bows for my daughter from the company because I liked the product a lot.

Child Hair Bows

Child Hair Bows

I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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