Discovering the latest kids’ fashion trends is a favorite hobby of mine. As a mom with a background in the fashion industry, I always search for the newest, hippest items that kids are wearing. While trying out Peppercorn Kids accessories and booties, I sampled the products for a couple weeks. To evaluate the items, I studied the quality and style as my daughter wore the products. In my experience, I’ve learned that great accessories can add interesting accents to an outfit, but too many accessories can look eccentric. I examined how the products worked with my daughters’ clothes to create a unique style, and I looked at how the items lasted to determine the quality.

Review of the Kids’ Slippers and Accessories

My older daughter Sammy tried out two pairs of kids’ slippers, the Moccasin Style Wool Indoor Booties in Eggplant and the Children Indoor Booties in Pink Daisy. As a shoe girl, Sammy was thrilled with the coloring. Both pairs had a subtle, feminine color, which fit with the latest children’s fashion trends for summer 2014. While the shoes were age appropriate, they had a modern, sophisticated style. Each pair of shoes had a different style with an appealing design.

Theresa's Reviews

Kids’ Slippers

Because moccasins have been a big trend for a while, I thought that the moccasin style booties were very fashionable. Paired with a purple blouse and jeans, the moccasin booties had a relaxed, bohemian look. As Sammy’s favorite color was pink, she fell in love with the pink pair of booties that had a Dutch look. While both pairs of shoes looked great for lounging around the house, they had the coolness factor. I would have even worn an adult version if it had been available. The trendy designs appealed to a variety of ages of girls.


Samantha in her headband

As a mom, I liked that the shoes were practical. Wearing the shoes inside, my daughter kept them clean as she helped her feet stay cozy. Sammy felt very special to have shoes to wear lounging around the house. Often during the week, I saw my daughter run to her bedside to grab her shoes to wear as she played. Quickly the shoes became Sammy’s favorite. Luckily the shoes had plenty of growing room to last for at least a year. Over the two weeks of trying out the kids’ slippers, I was thrilled with the quality. The items didn’t wear on the soles, even with regular use.

Theresa's Reviews

Samantha in her headband

Another item that my daughter reviewed was a pink Jewel Headband. My daughter said that the headband made her outfits look, “even more fabulous.” Because of Sammy’s interest in all things girly and glam, the headband was a huge hit. I helped Sammy choose a pink and white dress for church with the headband as an accessory. Several people said how cute my daughter looked. Regarding the style, the headband helped make the outfit look special and different, which my daughter loved. I was happy with the quality of the product as the headband fit well and didn’t stretch out when used often.

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Theresa's Reviews

Samantha in her headband and kids’ slippers


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