As children begin to develop coordination skills, many parents purchase toys that can help improve physical development. Ride-on toys can help improve toddlers’ balance. Some of the best ride-on toys for young toddlers are products that are low to the ground. Choose toys without batteries to help children get physical activity and to reduce the risks associated with children accidentally playing with batteries. With young toddlers, use toys without pedals. Have young toddlers use quality, safe ride-on toys to help improve their physical development.

Ride-on Toy Review

Ride-on Toy Review: My daughter loved the product!

Ride-on Toy Review

Created by the PlaSmart company, the PlasmaBug  is a great ride-on toy for young toddlers’ development. As a parent, I always look for safety first, which I found was excellent with the toy. Manufactured without batteries, the toy has no features I would perceive as a risk, and the product is made with durability in mind. Children ages 18 months and up can safely use the product. Developmentally, children who use the product can work on strengthening foot muscles and improving balance. Coordination, which is critical for children’s development, developed as my daughter rode around the house. Personally, as an educator, I wholeheartedly appreciate that my daughter developed her coordination skills with a safe, simple-to-use product.

I noticed that both of my children enjoyed the fun design. Created with an appealing bright red/white/black coloring and a large smiley face, the toy looks energetic and ready to play. Front and rear storage areas create a place for children to carry a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or book. My daughters took turns putting items in the storage areas to carry around the house.

I like how the product is designed to enable easy maneuverability, which instilled a sense of confidence in my young toddler. Using the toy with some steering help from mom and dad, my youngest daughter could zoom across carpet, hardwood floors, and the concrete porch outside.

As I tried out the product in my home, my husband and I had a blast watching our youngest daughter Georgiana’s face light up with giggles. Seeing my daughter have an excellent time with the toy showed me that my kids approve of the PlasmaBug! In the future, I plan to continue having my younger daughter use the product as she gets older.


I recieved a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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