Shopping for the guys in my life is always difficult, so I’ve been working on a holiday gift guide. Searching online brought me to a fun website for the company Mimoco that sells designer USB drives, called Mimobots. I was grateful for the opportunity to review my choice of products from the online store. Because my husband was a fan of South Park, I decided to try out the Cartman flash drive for a couple weeks to write the following review.

USB drive

USB drive by Mimoco

Review of the USB Drive

Initially the character design drew me to the product. Packaging for the product was appealing, as the item came in a nicely designed box with key features explained on the front of the box. Personally, as my husband studies computer science, I wanted to get the best item for someone who understands the most critical technology features for a flash drive. I tried out the 32 GB USB 3.0, as the product cost only $49.95 and had some great features. For a product under $50, the item had a major advantage for having SuperSpeed USB 3.0. As I did some online research, I learned that SuperSpeed USB 3.0 has some pros and cons but mainly does have features that are an upgrade to the Hi-speed USB 2.0.

Because the product had 32 GB, it had plenty of storage room for important files. I liked that the products came with preloaded content for die-hard South Park fans to upload wallpapers, icons, and avatars to a computer. Looking through the preloaded content, I found some cool images for my husband’s computer. As my family owns both a Mac and a PC, I was glad the item was compatible with Mac and PC. My husband and I used the product to move some important files from his computer, a PC, to my computer, a Mac.

I liked that the product worked well and I used it to store some of the key backup information from my computer. The product was small and light, which made it simple to carry and easy to store. Because my husband was in school for computer science, he used the flash drive to save school papers from his home computer to print in his school library when the printer at home ran out of ink. I felt that the product was very useful and practical, and I found several uses for it.

For more information about the company, check out the latest Kickstarter for the BatteryBot, and join the company on Facebook.

I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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