Waiting until the last minute to order your Mother’s Day gift? Buy a wooden watch from Analog Watch Co. to make mom smile. Your gift can impress mom, while also showing that you know what she really likes. Pick this item for a mom who has a trendy, earthy style. The wooden and leather material is eye catching. Since the watch has a simple look, it can compliment many outfits. To write a review, I tried out the Leather and Blackwood Carpenter Watch from Analog Watch Co.

Analog Watch Co. Carpenter Watch Review

One of the best things about the watch was its simplicity. Gold details complimented the dark leather and the dark wood. Since the watch had an appealing, natural look, it looked great with my spring clothes: a hunter green cardigan, gray tee shirt and jeans, as I ran errands. Wearing a neat accessory helped instill confidence in me. Usually in the past, I would wear simple silver necklaces or bracelets with colorful, small beads. Now, I had needed a watch for a long time, and I was glad that the watch I got fit so well with my style. The wooden style had a quiet boldness that made it ideal for moms who want to make a statement without being overly loud with an accent piece. While the watch had a bohemian edge to it, it also looked classy and simple, so I was very comfortable wearing it.

Analog Watch

As a mom, I appreciated that the item reminded me that I can still show my sense of style, even when I’m exhausted. Having two kids under age six, I sometimes find myself running errands wearing my workout clothes – even when I’m not working out that day. Blow drying my hair is usually reserved only for weekdays when the extra effort helps in my professional life. Owning a new accessory gave me more of a reason to pick out cool clothes on the weekend. It was nice to have an item that was a treat, just for me.

Another neat thing about the watch was that it could go with anything. It went well the blues and greens in my lightweight, spring dresses. It also complimented my work outfits. Whether paired with buttoned up, collared shirts and slacks or a tee shirt, the watch looked great. I could dress the item up or down as needed. While the watch had a relaxed, natural style, it fit well with professional clothes and it helped my wardrobe show personality on any occasion.

Check out the company’s Mother’s Day specials. If you order by May 5th, the company can gift wrap the watch and guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day in the United States. Plus, I tried the watch on my husband and I discovered that the watches work well for guys too, so keep the company in mind for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21, 2015.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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