I have an excellent tolerance for hot weather, but there is nothing better than coming inside to cool, refreshing air. When I finish playing with my kids outside, I need to feel cool to get my work finished. Because I’m a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time at my desk with my laptop. Using the Ozeri Brezza III Desk Fan kept me cool and happy so I could get my work done. While my kids played, they stayed cool too, because the fan rotated to keep the entire room at a comfortable temperature.

Review of the Desk Fan

This past week, as a busy work at home mom, I was ecstatic to have a product that made me want to sit down and relax. I had been playing outside with my kids to help wear them out so I could be more productive with my work. My kids and I came inside sweaty and sticky. Before we had time for showers, I needed to complete an article to meet a last minute magazine deadline. With deadlines looming, I breathed a sigh of relief as the cool air from the desk fan hit the back of my neck.

While examining the desk fan, I was happy with how easy its fan controls were to use. One of the most helpful features was that the fan came with a small remote control so I could change the fan’s speed or direction from the other side of the room. With four speed settings, the fan could work on its quietest setting functioning as a white noise machine for my one year old baby to keep her cool so she wouldn’t overheat as she slept. On the higher speed settings, the fan quickly cooled down my older daughter after she ran laps in our yard. The noise was a little louder on the high speed, but the sound wasn’t distracting.

When I sat down to write my article, I turned off the oscillating feature. As the desk fan blew air only in my direction, I switched it to its lowest speed. I was very happy with the quality of the product. Switching the functions of the product was simple and effective. I was able to get my work completed undistracted by noise. The fan functioned without any glitches to cool the air adequately, which kept me and my family very happy.

Something I liked about the fan was its style. With a sleek black coloring, the product looked very professional. I could envision that the fan would look nice in any work setting. Because of the appealing look, the fan could be a nice gift for dads on the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. I appreciated that the Brezza III had a nice look and functioned well, which will make me sure to use it in the future.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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