As a working mom, I find organization to be most helpful to me. Lately, morning chaos inadvertently thwarts my goals and plans when I try to carry too many teaching supplies, my lunch, and water bottles to work. To help me stay organized, I tried Klean Kanteen canteen products. When I ran out the door in the morning, I need a canteen that could hold my drink without spilling it. Excitedly, I received a vacuum insulated mug, a sippy bottle, and a sports bottle. While the kids’ products were for my preschooler and my baby, using the insulated mug to bring hot coffee to work revealed improved work performance and increased organization for me.

Review of the Canteens

Before the product arrived when I left for work, I carried a large Vanderbilt travel mug filled with a spicy tea, which turned into a colder tea by mid-morning, and I brought a soda to drink with lunch. Later, my vacuum insulated mug arrived as Lent began. Because I was a practicing Catholic, I committed myself to giving up soda for the 40 days of Lent to commemorate the time before Easter. Having the new mug greatly helped in my observation of the Lenten season. I replaced soda with hot coffee for a caffeine boost without the extra grams of sugar.

When I left for work, I filled the mug with hot coffee. I enjoyed the heat of the coffee that lasted all day. Because the mug’s lid closed tightly, the container could lay horizontal without spilling. Often I tossed the mug in my work bag without concern. Even though the mug tipped over on my desk at work, I ecstatically exhaled when I realized that no liquid spilled at all.


While I planned Easter baskets, I selected the adorably pastel kids’ bottles as key pieces to include. As the pink canteen was age appropriate for my one year old daughter, the lid proved easy to sip and didn’t spill water. I chose the festive yellow canteen for my four year old daughter, who frequently used the Klean Kanteen bottle she had received as a gift for Christmas 2013. The size of the canteens was perfect to fit in my daughters’ Easter baskets. Wholeheartedly I recommended acquiring some kids’ products from the company for the Easter season, and I described that the adult mug product proved to have outstanding quality. In the future, I plan to continue using the products through the summer when my children need cold water bottles for trips to the park.


I received free products to help inform my writing.

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